Beaconhouse Newlands Early Years, Bangsar is located in a beautiful  bungalow surrounded by lush greenery in a quiet, serene cul-de-sac neighbourhood off Jalan Pantai. It has so much to offer for the local community, especially in terms of providing quality Early Childhood Education to those living in the area.  The school compounds, set on a spacious two-storey corner lot, is well-guarded with high gates, CCTVs, and security personnel to ensure safety of the students inside. 

The principal, Ms. Sarah Hockley is an experienced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) educator with over 30 years of experience under her belt. She moved to Malaysia and started her journey with BNEY in early 2019.

Finest Curriculum

BNEY Bangsar offers the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, a highly sought-after, quality, curriculum from the UK, where learning revolves around the child. EYFS outlines 7 areas of learning and development which are then divided into prime and specific areas. Prime areas highlight on personal, social, and emotional growth, physical development, and communications while specific areas cater more towards the child’s literacy, mathematics, arts & craft skills, and help children understand the world. The school also offers the esteemed Cambridge Primary curriculum for their Primary 1 students.


The BNEY Learner Profile

Young learners at BNEY will develop valuable skills and values with the help of teachers through stories, lessons, and by interacting with their peers. The 9 core values which the school aim to inculcate in each child are creativity & innovation, empathy, digitally literate, analytical, globally aware, inquisitive, resolute, and keeping healthy & active.


Fun, Exciting Extracurricular Activities

BNEY Bangsar has loads of enriching and fun extracurricular activities to keep their students happy and healthy. Some of these include ballet, taekwondo, and swimming, all which are done within campus grounds. Speech & drama is also offered as part of BNEY’s wholesome curriculum alongside Jolly Phonics, a fun, child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. The school arranges educational field trips to places of interest, and concerts and graduations are held annually to celebrate the children’s achievements at the school.


Experienced, Loving Teachers

At BNEY Bangsar, teachers are the backbone of the institution. The management always makes sure to hire teachers with qualifications in Early Childhood Education and have experience dealing with children. The school also stresses on the importance of hiring teachers who are passionate in what they do and help each child develop the 9 core values as highlighted in the Learner Profile. Teachers here have excellent ideas and are creative when it comes to lesson planning and teaching while are still able to deliver effective learning for the students. They are also given in-house training in various areas, especially in communication, or if they need a refresher once in a while. Ms. Sarah believes that teachers need to have excellent communication skills to ensure smooth teacher-parent and teacher-child communication.

Involving Parents in Their Child’s Learning

What’s better than a school that loves it’s children? A school that appreciates their parents too! BNEY understands the importance of parents being involved and immersed in their child’s learning. Here, parents are encouraged to play a part in their child’s education through various programmes at the school. Parents will get important updates via LittleLives, an app the school uses to communicate. Other than that, regular phone calls and emails are used to update the parents. Parent-teacher conferences allow space for the teachers and parents to discuss about their child’s growth and development, and to discuss solutions for any obstacles the child might be facing during their time at the school.


The school accepts children as young as 18 months up to 6 years old. Half-day, extended hours, and full-day programmes are available for all age groups at different, yet affordable price points.

Little Tots:
1.5 Years+

Nursery 1:
2.5 Years+

Nursery 2:
3.5 Years+


4.5 Years+

Primary 1:
5.5 Years+

Beaconhouse Newlands Early Years, Bangsar is passionate about the learning and development of children. The school promises an unique education system with quality management and teaching that will transform children into the best versions of themselves who are ready to face challenges, and excel in school and in life.


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