Kolej Yayasan UEM or KYUEM will be hosting an Open Day on 28 September 2013 at the college's campus in Lembah Beringin, Selangor. Parents and prospective students can visit and learn more about the top quality pre-university education that KYUEM offers. KYUEM is a fully-residential sixth form college that runs the Cambridge A-Level program at its 51-acre site in Lembah Beringin, Selangor. It is supported by Yayasan UEM (UEM Foundation), a not-for-profit entity of the UEM Group, one of Malaysia’s leading conglomerates. KYUEM is approximately 50 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur by the North-South Expressway. The college was established in 1998 and is modeled after top boarding schools in the United Kingdom. Indeed, the college was established with the assistance of Winchester College, one of the best-known boarding schools in the United Kingdom. Like the top boarding schools in the United Kingdom, KYUEM provides quality education, with excellent facilities and teachers and a very broad range of co-curricular activities. It ranks among the best in Southeast Asia in terms of academic performance, but it all also well known for producingwell-rounded students .


Over the years since its first graduating batch in 2000, KYUEM students have frequently won Top in the World and Top in Malaysia Awards in the CIE Cambridge Brilliance in Malaysia Awards. In addition to producing excellent results consistently in the CIE A-Level Examinations since 2000, KYUEM has also had a 90 percent success rate in placing its students, mainly in the top ten UK universities, the Irish universities Medical Consortium and the Group of Eight Universities in Australia. KYUEM’s July 2011 group of students have recorded outstanding A level results. The broad statistics are excellent: · 82% of grades gained were at A*-B; 61% of grades gained were at A* or A; 19% of these students gained at least four A grades at A level; 39% of these students gained at least three A grades at A level. The four students with offers from Oxford and Cambridge met their grade requirements with panache, gaining 14 A* grades between them. Over 16% of the July 2011 group gained at least three grades at A*. KYUEM offers the Cambridge University A-Level program as preparation for entry into the world’s best universities. Among the most popular destinations, after Cambridge, are Imperial, LSE, UCL, Warwick, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Trinity College (Dublin) and a wide range of top-class medical schools. The destinations of this year’s students also include University of California, Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania in the USA, University of Toronto in Canada and University of Hong Kong. KYUEM has a team of well-qualified and highly experienced teachers, nearly 40 percent of whom are expatriate teachers, mainly British.

The teachers are carefully selected to further develop the academic and other talents of the students. KYUEM’s teachers are housed in apartments on-site. All teachers are also tutors, with pastoral care responsibilities. Therefore the college’s teachers know more than just the academic grades of their students. Much of the teaching and learning at KYUEM is enquiry-based. One important facet of this approach to learning is that students are encouraged to take responsibility for their studies and organize their time effectively. In this way, they are being prepared for university life and routine, often in marked contrast to what is experienced in school. KYUEM offers a traditional curriculum with subjects that are well-regarded and well-known by the traditional universities to which its students aspire. The core curriculum consists of Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History and Literature. In addition, it provides several less traditional subjects to smaller groups of students, where the academic training is both strong and general. KYUEM has a very high success rate in preparing and placing students to read Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Economics, Actuarial Science, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Architecture and Bio-Technology and many other programs at university level. Admissions into its A-Level programs are in January and July. The 18-month program starts in January, whereas the 24-month program commences in July. KYUEM is now also open for international students and welcomes talented students with excellent academic records and outstanding co-curricular backgrounds to apply for the January 2014 intake. The application opens from 1 October 2013 until 31 October 2013. 


KYUEM has excellent modern, state-of-the-art facilities including three information and communication technology (ICT) laboratories with full internet access; ten science laboratories; a research center with ICT facilities; classroom teaching facilities; two large lecture halls; a 1000-seat hall; a large sports hall with a gymnasium and squash courts; tennis, netball and basketball courts and large playing fields and a 50-meter swimming pool.


KYUEM offers a wealth of pastoral experience to its students. It has a house system where there are four houses and students become members of one these houses. Each house is led by a Housemistress or Housemaster. They are assisted by House Tutors who look after the welfare of students. The students, therefore, have allegiance to a relatively small unit (their house) in the school and this provides healthy competition in the extra-curricular lives of KYUEM students. The campus can accommodate almost 500 students, in a mixture of single-storey chalets and apartment blocks. There is a dedicated health clinic with nursing staff always on-site, together with a formal dining room, informal cafeteria, television rooms and accommodation for sundry activities, such as music practice and student council offices. KYUEM is equally ambitious in developing the lives of its students outside the classroom. The college’s extensive facilities provide each and every individual with a wide selection of activities that enable them to explore their potential in a diversely interesting way. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally recognized and the majority of students obtain at least a Bronze Award. Some have gone on to achieve the more challenging and prestigious Silver Award. Sports activities include football, hockey, rugby, tennis, badminton, squash, swimming and martial arts while other activities are organized through language societies. A Creative Club, Animedia Club, Rotaract, a College Yearbook and student magazine, ”Veritas”, Drama Club, and Debating Society all flourish. Come to KYUEM Open Day on 28 September 2013 at the college's campus in Lembah Beringin, Selangor. For more information, visit