Secondary School: IGCSE

Pre-university: A-Levels

If you are studying at university, tell us about your course/major and why you chose it.

I read Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. 

As an aspiring social entrepreneur, I study economics to uncover the root causes of societal issues which will enable me to come up with better solutions to these problems. I pair my study with business to get a good understanding of how to run a successful enterprise in the future. 

What is your most memorable experience in school? 

When I think about my time at Tenby, I immediately think: the community. I don’t just mean the relationships I have with my friends, but also my teachers. My school was a safe space for me to be myself, where I could fail many times but not feel like a failure. Instead, I would be encouraged to rise and try again, from my friends and teachers alike. That kind of environment- an environment that not only wants but also supports you in becoming the best version of yourself- I believe, does wonders for any child.  

What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school, and why?

My favourite subject was easily Economics. Thinking back, I realise that my love for the subject was largely due to having an extraordinarily fun teacher during IGCSE. Mr Ferris had this cool way of using games to relate what we were learning to what was happening in the real world. 

I’d have to say my least favourite subject would be Design Technology because I just wasn’t interested in that field. 

What extracurricular activities did you do? 

My other activities outside the classroom have also exposed me to the challenges inherent in economics, business and entrepreneurship. To engage in conversations about political and global affairs, I actively participate in Model United Nations, where I eagerly debate topics like microfinance and austerity. I had the honour of serving as Secretary-General of my school’s MUN conference. I also spearheaded a social venture workshop and competition in Singapore to help youths create a social entrepreneurship plan. 

As deputy director for Kuala Lumpur’s 24 Hour Race, Asia’s largest youth led movement to help end slavery, I learned more about both organising large events and the challenges of tackling complex global issues In my last year of high-school, I founded WeAtTenby.com, an online platform promoting personal growth and contribution among students in Tenby.

I was also active in sports. My previous endeavours include captaining the softball team for three years, setting a school record for the 100m sprint in 2012 as part of the athletics team for the last five years, and training squash with the state team for four years. 

What was the best thing about your school? What important lessons did you learn in your school that have helped you in your life?

I feel as though I’m repeating myself, but the best thing about my school was the people. In three words, they were: inspiring, kind and supportive. 

The meaningful connections I have had the privilege to make during my time at Tenby has taught me more lessons that I can count but one thing I’ve learnt is that the quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships. 

Thus, I am eternally grateful to my school for creating an environment that would allow me to make such lasting relationships in life. 

If you could travel back in time, what is the one thing that you would change when you were a student? 

Everything I have experienced in my life has been because of millions of tiny moments that have led to this very moment. I can’t help but think that if something were to be just a little bit different from how it was, I might not be living the life I lead today. So my simple answer is that I wouldn’t change anything even if I could because I wouldn’t be where I am today without those experiences. 

What advice would you give to current students of your alma mater?

Failure will be one of your most valuable teachers in life. Failure is inevitable and, whether you believe it or not now, it will always put you on the better path because life is always happening for you not to you.