Balloons falling on students in hall and International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On 14 February 2020, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special assembly to mark this milestone. The whole AISM community came together to commemorate these 20 years of excellence in education. 

‘It’s the time to recognise the time, energy, effort and talent that continues to make AISM a school where students feel they belong, where they can thrive and as a result, they achieve amazing things,’ stated AISM’s Principal, Mr Liam King, during his opening speech at the assembly. He also stated that studying the history of the School for the past 20 years will provide some insights for the School to know how to shape itself moving forward.

AISM’s longest serving staff, Mr Raymond Pollock, who joined AISM 18 years ago believes that AISM is the place where school, work and community all come together happily.

‘Of all the schools I’ve been in over the past years, AISM is the best and the students are the thing that draw me to stay year after year,’ mentioned Mr Pollock.

AISM is looking forward to a great celebratory year to mark its 20 years of providing excellent Australian Education in Malaysia with major events planned throughout the entire year. This year, AISM was re-accredited with the Council of International Schools (CIS), which is a testimony to the school's commitment to constantly ensure high quality education and services are provided to students and parents. AISM was also awarded a 5-star rating by the Ministry of Education Malaysia for the school’s performance in the Quality Standards of Private Education (Schools) or Standard Kualiti Institusi Pendidikan Swasta (SKIPS).

Australian International School Malaysia will be offering fee rebates and waiver during Open Month from 1 to 31 March. For more information about Australian International School Malaysia, kindly visit or call 03-89495000.