Sayfol International School is committed to ensuring that students gain knowledge and experience in Global Citizenship to be responsible citizens and community members. 

The KS3 students at Sayfol International School completed an essential community project on the importance of recycling. The project started in August 2019 with a schoolwide campaign on raising awareness on environmental issues. This included speeches during school assemblies, spreading awareness through posters and pamphlets and classroom research, group work and presentations.

The second stage of this GCCAP involved a huge collection drive for recyclable materials which were then separated and stored safely. In the final stage, students visited Thanam Industry Sdn Bhd, a recycling center where they were given specific information about the processes involved in recycling different types of waste materials. 

Students were given opportunities to get involved in the process and gained hands-on experience in separating and recycling various types of waste materials. 

Student going through multiple activities on recycling at the Global Citizenship Community Action Project @ Sayfol International School and International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia