Tweedlewink Right Brain Kids be participating in the Baby & Kidz Fair 2017 at Spice Arena in Penang, Malaysia over the weekend of 26, 27 and 28 May, 2017 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11AM to 9PM).

They will be offering free public talks about Right Brain Education, and answering many questions about TweedleWink, their right brain early learning program.

Also, TweedleWink Lessons on DVD will be available at special event prices. At the fair, they will introduce their new product called the TweedleWink Home Play Kit that helps children benefit even more from the TweedleWink Lessons on DVD. It also helps parents when they are presenting the lessons at home to their child.

Scheduled public talks by Wennie on the main stage:

Friday, 26 May at 2:00 pm: "What is Right Brain Education, and What Are the Benefits?"

Saturday, 27 May at 2:00 pm: "How to Develop Your Child's Right Brain Genius"

Sunday, 28 May at 2:00 pm: "The Six Keys to Your Child's Early Learning Success"

Feel free to visit Tweedlewink at the Baby & Kidz Fair 2017 if you are living in Penang!