Asia Pacific Schools: Asia Pacific International School (APIS), Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS), APIS Preschool

Selangor, Malaysia
Essential Information
Preschool Primary Secondary
2006 (APSS), 2012 (APIS), 2014 (APIS Preschool)
Cambridge IGCSE Malaysian UK
IGCSE (for APIS), Cambridge, UK Curriculum, Malaysian Curriculum (APSS)
Age 7 to 17 (APSS), Age 5 to 16 (APIS), Age 3 to 5 (APIS Preschool)
September to July (APIS), January to November (APSS)
APIS & APIS Pre-school: Monday – Thursday, Primary & Secondary: 7.45am to 3:00pm; Friday - Primary & Secondary: 7.45am to 12:00pm. Preschool options: Half-day or Full-day. APSS: Monday – Thursday, Primary: 8am to 3:30pm, Secondary: 8am to 3:40pm. Friday - Primary & Secondary: 8am to 12:20pm
Fees Structure

RM20,055 to RM39,420 (APIS); RM16,160 to RM21,670 (APSS)


RM3,500 (APIS), RM500 (APSS)

RM2,000 to RM3,000 (APSS), Deposit as per fee guide (APIS)