Kazuki Shibata, Year 8

I am a Year 8 Sayfol student. My hobbies are: basketball, parkour, gaming, reading, and finding fun facts about the universe. Before I came to Sayfol I have never played basketball. However, I’ve picked up this sport at Sayfol and it is now my favourite game. The football field at Sayfol, together with its surrounding 200 metres track is my favourite area during PE sessions and break time.

There is a library where a lot of people enjoy reading books. It is a very peaceful and calm place. The canteen here sells different types of food and snacks. There is a private bookshop that is within the school. It sells textbooks, exercise books, and uniforms.

My teachers are well educated and teach a variety of subjects. There is a school card system that can be used for attendance purposes.

Sayfol has changed me in many ways for the better. The buddy system that I was introduced to was where I found students to interact in a very kind manner. This led me to making many friends who have helped me in many ways up to this day. I have had a lot of fun moments at Sayfol.


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