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Welcome to Education Destination Malaysia, a multi-channel media platform comprising websites, print and digital publications, and social media platforms. The Education Destination Malaysia website was launched in 2014 with the purpose of providing updated and accurate resources on international education in Malaysia. 

The information on this website aims to help both parents and education providers make informed decisions for prospective students. Visitors have access to information on more than 170 international schools in Malaysia in the form of school listings. Each school listing contains essential information on schools such as contact details, location, curricula offered, fee structure, class size and more. In addition, visitors can search for information on preschools, learning centres, special educational needs centres and pre-university institutions in Malaysia.  

The Education Destination Malaysia website features the School Finder tool where visitors can refine their search for schools based on education level, location, curricula and boarding availability. They can also compare offerings from up to three schools with the School Comparison tool on the website. Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to become a member on the website which allows them to save their favourite schools, send enquiries to schools and apply to schools in a few clicks. 

Visitors can read about the latest updates, open days, scholarships and trial lessons from international schools in Malaysia in the Blogs section. There are also editorial pieces on topics such as international curricula in Malaysia, international school fees, as well as other essential information and guides on choosing the right school for your child. These articles are written by experienced contributors in the international education scene in Malaysia and our team of dedicated professionals. 

The publication is available digitally on the Publication page. The first edition of the guidebook was published in 2013. Visitors can read the full e-copy of the guidebook free of charge. The guidebook contains an updated map and directory of all international schools in Malaysia. Readers can also refer to detailed school profiles, articles, infographics and comparative charts to help them find a suitable school for their child. 

For more information about our products and services, please contact us or visit our Mint website.



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