What is International Education like in Malaysia? One may suggest that attending an international school means people from different countries and cultural backgrounds contribute interesting, unique ideas and attention within a safe educational environment.


SAYFOL International School has been recognized as one of the most reputable and affordable International Schools in Malaysia offering a British Education over the last 36 years. Here, Sayfolians who are from 60 different countries around the world are provided with a holistic education based on the British National Curriculum. The school provides marvelous education for Sayfolians aged 2.5 to 18 years across our Early Years (aged 2.5 to 5) to International A-level (aged 17 to 18).  We endeavor to blend this international group of Sayfolians by encouraging unique effects of friendship and harmony among them in a manner so deep and sincere during their school days.


These days, many parents in Malaysia are indecisive as their child approaches one of the most important crossroads in their life – the year their child takes a step outside of their home and into formal education.



More hands-on approach

Rote-learning and mainly examination-based assessments

Being offered a wide range of subjects for the arts and humanities stream

Limited range of subjects offered

Lower student-teacher ratio (1:20)

Higher student- teacher ratio (1:40)


Variety choice of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

Limited choice of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

Able to learn about different cultures/ appreciate the diversity


At Sayfol, our primary aim is to offer each Sayfolian a sound education of high academic standing with a holistic focus that serves the educational, physical, social-emotional and creative needs of their children. Therefore, we embrace all-round education not as an alternative to educational attainment but as an essential adjunct.


Sayfol’s years of outstanding   Examination results in the Pearson Edexcel International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Examinations, reflect that we remain amongst the highest achieving schools in the world. Therefore, Sayfol has always acted as a stepping stone for Sayfolians towards International Universities around the world. At Sayfol, we take a more hands-on approach to learning and focusing on personal development by encouraging Sayfolians to “think outside the box”. Therefore, it encourages Sayfolians to develop and sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are more important tools for the future.

Unlike most public schools, Sayfolians are offered a wide range of subjects for the arts and humanities stream. These include fine arts, music and literature. Furthermore, with a lower student-teacher ratio, our teachers provide personal attention to every Sayfolian. Not only focusing on Sayfolians’ academic performance, we strongly believe that involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the wholesome development of Sayfolians. These activities include

debating, public speaking, drama production, a wide variety of sports activities, etc. Participation in these extra-curricular activities encourages Sayfolians to develop qualities such as loyalty and commitment, self-confidence, communication and team-work. Their self-esteem and positive mental health is further escalated as they learn to appreciate the diversity in an international school environment with up to 60 nationalities.



A successful International School fosters broader dimensions of learning to students’ overall success, including social and emotional development, creativity and innovation, and positive attitudes to learning. At Sayfol, we strongly believe that there is no success without discipline. Within the school, Sayfolians are taught the fundamentals of good conduct and self-discipline at all times and to respect others and maintain high standards of politeness. These fundamentals are imparted to the student very carefully and continuously with love and affection in their class and leads to the development of their self-confidence to face any adverse situation. Sayfolians have the opportunity to be appointed a School Prefect or a Class Monitor and these roles help to develop their sense of responsibility and leadership.


The Year 2020 has introduced unprecedented challenges – medical, social, financial and economic – for human beings worldwide with the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic. With that in mind, International education is no longer the same as before. Therefore, Sayfolians are now offered opportunities to study with us within their home country due to restricted International travel regulations.

Synchronous learning is online or distance education in real-time, often with a set class schedule and required login times. Thus, Sayfolians can now interact with our teachers in a specific virtual place at a set time, which allows lessons to continue regardless of being face-to-face and group discussions, tasks and assignments still all take place. Common synchronous online learning methods include video conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting, and live-streamed classes that must be viewed in real-time. With online synchronous learning, our teachers can quickly gauge whether Sayfolians are grasping the materials and adapt lesson planning when necessary. Moreover, Sayfolians will get immediate feedback or quick answers from their teachers whenever they have any doubts.

Furthermore, school E-library are accessible anywhere and at any moment by Sayfolians, using the simple technological devices, such as PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. Accessing the E-library expands Sayfolians’ horizon of learning as they can access an enormous amount of knowledge and share content with others.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In this contemporary world, potential changes to international education are vital, especially during this pandemic. However, we can continue to embrace the change, aiming to encourage each Sayfolian to achieve their maximum potential in a rapidly changing world.

In this upcoming term and new Academic Year, we will continue to provide the best International Education for your child.

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