1. Sign Your Child Up for iTrainKids’ Coding and App-Making Classes!

Sign Your Child Up for iTrainKids’ Coding and App-Making Classes!

Published on 05 Jul 2018

If you’d like to spark your children’s interest early in the technology space within an environment that allows them to freely explore with creative coding, then iTrainKids is your ‘tech playground’ of choice. Over 3,000 Malaysian children ages 7 to 16 have learnt to become coders and makers of various apps, games and more since the establishment of iTrainKids in 2011. Your child could be next!

So how can you get your young ones started asap? Enrol them in any of iTrainKids’ upcoming FREE Trial Lessons, weekly Saturday Coding Classes, or special Holiday Coding Bootcamps. Classes include exciting topics that enable young learners to absorb the basic concepts of coding easily and effectively, with the goal of eventually creating their own app, game or product from scratch—through constant experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving. 

Just like learning a new language, ‘coding’ is a most hands-on way of teaching children digital literacy, covering foundational Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts. To register for iTrainKids’ FREE Trial Lessons today, visit: bit.ly/iTrainKidsFreeTrial.

For further enquiries, call iTrainKids’ class consultants at 03-2733 0337 (general office line) or 012-798 0622 (mobile line), or email info@itrainkids.com. Visit www.itrainkids.com for information on upcoming classes and events.

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