Seri Jubli International School

Kluang, Johor
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Cambridge IGCSE
Primary and Secondary (Ages 7 to 17)
10 - 25
January to November

About Seri Jubli International School

Seri Jubli International School aspires to be a place where students are nurtured in a caring and safe environment. Seri Jubli International School believe once that is achieved, each child can develop to their highest potential. Our 5A goals of education are to:

  • Promote ACADEMIC brilliance by nurturing the whole person
  • Foster outstanding ATTITUDES through character building and leadership development
  • Encourage ADAPTABILITY by strengthening students’ resilience and determination
  • Inspire selfless ACTS of kindness and generosity
  • Motivate the students to ASPIRE towards excellence

People development is key to seeing the fruition of our goals. The quality of any school rests on the shoulders of the teachers and administrators of the school. Seri Jubli International School are dedicated to equip and empower a team that can bring the best education to Kluang and beyond.

Seri Jubli International School Fees Structure




RM12,500 to RM19,000


Multipurpose hall, ICT lab, football field, performing theatre, dance studio and music studio

Extracurricular Activities

  • Personal & Social Development (PSD)
  • Clubs
    • Sports
    • Skills & Performing Arts