List of International Schools in Hulu Selangor

Hulu Selangor is one of the areas in Selangor located in the northeastern part of the state. It borders two other states – Perak and Pahang. Hulu Selangor consists of 13 smaller townships — Ampang Pecah, Batang Kali, Buloh Telor, Hulu Bernam, Hulu Yam, Kalumpang, Kerling, Kuala Kalumpang, Pertak, Rasa, Serendah, Sungai Gumut and Sungai Tinggi. Tourist attractions in Hulu Selangor are the many eco resorts and outdoor activities such as white water rafting and jungle trekking which are popular.

Schools in Hulu Selangor are made up of government or public schools, private schools and international schools. The language of instruction in public schools is the official language of Malaysia, Malay. Mandarin and Tamil are the languages of instruction at vernacular schools. On the other hand, international schools in Malaysia use English as its language of instruction. Public and private schools cater to students in primary and secondary levels. Majority of international schools cater to primary and secondary levels. Several international schools have preschool and pre-university levels.

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