Seven Skies Islamic International School

Shah Alam, Selangor
Essential Information
Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools Secondary Schools
Cambridge Islamic British
Preschool, Primary, Secondary and IGCSE Preparatory Class
September to July
7:45am – 3pm

About Seven Skies Islamic International School

Established in 2014, Seven Skies International is a unique concept Cambridge accredited School that follows the UK National Curriculum for Primary and IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary. We aspire to make children lifelong learner, a responsible individual and an independent entrepreneur with an emphasis on Character Before Excellence. 

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence and aspiring them to excel academically is our utmost priority

We prepare our young people to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world by guiding them to develop a thirst of knowledge and a lasting passion for learning with humanity as a mandatory value in life

Conducive learning spaces with a unique touch of moral and character education is the signature identity of ours. 

Our Vision: To be the best premium school that embodies a holistic and caring environment that fosters excellence in academic and moral education. 

Our Aim: We aim to create & nurture responsible leaders that serve humanity 

Our Slogan say’s it best “Character Before Excellence” As we strive for our students to excel in their Academics nothing makes a bigger difference, than nurturing them with the right values, characteristics so they can articulate it spiritually through development of an internal moral compass that guides behaviour and become a Man/Woman of Value  

Our Values: Honesty - Optimism - Purity - Excellence

Leading students to academic excellence through self-resilience, entrepreneurial skills and strong character development.

By providing project based and experiential learning - creating opportunities for life, skills development, confidence-building, volunteerism and improving student’s health and spiritual wellbeing we aim to nurture responsible leaders who make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

Curiosity is harnessed by quarterly themes that run throughout the school and inspires children’s natural desire to learn. We actively empower them with living skills and tools, whilst challenging them to brainstorm solutions to the problem at hand. There is a strong emphasis on group and peer led instruction along with the latest technology being made available to the students. By placing the students at the center of the learning experience, we encourage them to discover, learn, and unleash their natural leadership and drive.  Our strength lies in the values we uphold, the vision we chase and the commitment we stand by.

Preschool Education

7:45am – 3pm


We follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) UK Program based on principles that every child is unique, he/she learns through positive relationships in an enabling environment which allows them to develop and learn in different ways. There are 7 areas of learning with 3 prime areas such as Personal Development, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language Development, Physical Development and 4 specific areas such as Literacy, Mathematics, Understand the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.

Seven Skies Islamic International School Fees Structure










  1. All School fees are billed on a termly basis and are payable before the first day of the respective term. There are three (3) terms in an academic year.
  2. Tuition fees do not include books and uniforms.
  3. Siblings Discount: 10% off for every child after the first.
  4. Loyalty Discount: in 2nd year 2.5%, in 3rd year 5%, in 4th year 7.5%, and 5th year onwards 10% discount on tuition
  5. Security Deposit* (Refundable): The security deposit is billed in the very first invoice of registration and enrolment. Refund is made only if a student leaves at the end of a school year. One term’s advanced notice (in Term three only) is compulsory to receive the refund of the security deposit. It may take between 3-6 months to receive the refund. Please note that if a student leaves in Term 1 or Term 2 of an academic year, or any time before the end of an academic year – he/she will not be eligible for the refund of the security deposit.

Additional Programmes

Islamic Studies
Our syllabus enables learners to gain a deeper understanding of our religion. As a result, they are able to think and practice Islam based on sound knowledge and confidence. The syllabus ranges from Tahfiz, Arabic language, Heroes of Islam and etiquettes of daily worship and lifestyle.

We implement a combination of effective techniques in memorizing the Quran along with spiritual and moral development of the child. They are taught to recite the Quran with correct tajweed, but most importantly to inculcate and display the beauty of the teachings through good manners and character.

The aim is to develop an ability to use the language effectively for understanding and communication. It is based on the linked skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing and these are built on as students’ progress through their studies. 

100 Muslim Heroes
This program presents a glimpse into the lives of some of the greatest heroes and role models of Islam. It aims to increase the students’ conviction to their faith.

Entrepreneurship Program
Focuses on building the qualities of innovation, self-discipline and resourcefulness in our students. We progressively impart key knowledge, assist in understanding the process and skills, and encourage students to find their own Business Model. They create their own business plan, then put it into action and showcase their products or services at the Souk @ SSI to the public.

The Physical Education (PE) Program
Aims to development students’ motor skills, techniques, and competency so that they can excel in a broad range of physical activities. We ensure that students are physically active for sustained periods of time. Students engage in competitive sports and activities throughout the school year. They also understand and appreciate the benefit of physical activity and sport for health, fitness and well-being.

Bootcamp is one of the most effective outdoor education, channeling the effort to help students engage in experiential learning, honing their physical and mental abilities. It is an outdoor excursion event where students will be taken to a different location every year to get out of their comfort zones, explore, learn, develop themselves, participate in fear removal activities and have a fun-filled memorable experience, bonding with their teachers and peers.

Social Theme
Our Social Theme Concept is the main pillar of our Character Development Program. This is aligned with our vision of “Educating for Social Responsibility”. Students are introduced to various social problems and issues that occur around the world. The main objective is for them to brainstorm solutions to bring social change in the society and in the mindset of people.

Leadership and Personality Development
Seven Skies Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) education and Leadership Development program aims to produce well-rounded individuals with a strong moral compass who are exemplary contributors to their societies. The eight strands of the programs are: Purification of the Heart, Islamic Ethics, Leadership Lessons of the Prophet (SAW), Emotional Intelligence, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Money Matters and Life Skills.

Behavioural and Discipline Management
The Behavior for Learning policy underpins the expectations of all our pupils within the school and when engaging in external activities. The policy exists to provide a framework for supporting the aims of Seven Skies and ensuring the happiness and learning of every individual in our community. It details our strategies for managing behavior effectively and consequently contributes to ongoing character development and improved learning which enables success in the core purpose – achieving excellence for all our students.


Air-conditioned classrooms
Sports field
Running track
Basketball court
Badminton court
IT resource center
Science laboratory
Art room
ECA room, Prayer Hall, Sick Bay, Counselling room

Extracurricular Activities

PRESCHOOL: Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Football, Chess 

Primary: Swimming, Taekwondo, Archery, Abacus, Horse riding, Mandarin, Carpentry, Chess, Robotics, Netball, Football (options available based on the Year group) 

Secondary: Archery, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Carpentry, Taekwondo, Netball, Chess, Frisbee (options available based on the Year group)