Seven Skies International School

Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Cambridge Islamic British
Cambridge O Level UK Syllabus
Preschool, Primary, Secondary and IGCSE Preparatory Class
September to July

About Seven Skies International School

Seven Skies International is an unique concept that provides a holistic curriculum for the comprehensive development of a child. SSI's unique curriculum is unlike other schools in that it is activity based and involves experiential learning. At Seven Skies International School, the child learns not only about academics but also Islam, the most important aspect of a person’s life. However, this does not simply stop there; the curriculum is taken further by using a holistic approach focusing on character and personality development. Every child learns not only a series of academic studies, but is also provided with the skills on how to practice them in the real world.


An ideal 1:15 teacher to students ratio facilitates effective implementation of the action-based curriculum and ensures your child is able to absorb the material quickly and easily. Seven Skies International School aspires to make your child a lifelong learner, a responsible individual and an independent entrepreneur.

Seven Skies International School Fees Structure

RM8,970 to RM26,880