What are your favourite subjects?

Economics and Physics.

What kinds of extracurricular activities do you do? 

Football and Badminton.

Who is your favourite teacher and why?

My Mathematics teacher, he has a good sense of humour and he’s very committed to his job because of his passion for the subject.

What is the one thing that you like the most about your school?

It is isolated from distractions, therefore students enjoy school and they are focused on studying. Students encourage each other to do well and stay focus.

Share a memorable experience in your school so far.

My most memorable experience came from inter-house football. It was the final match that would determine the champion. My house fought till the final whistle and we won.

Describe your school in three words.

Peaceful, Eventful, Complete.

What is the best thing about being a student?

Making lifelong friends.

What do you hope to do when you finish school?

Sign and play for a local football club before beginning my career in a business related field.

If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

Eradicate hatred among people to prevent so many crimes from being committed.