1. Malaysian IB School student from Nexus gets accepted into Oxford, scoring 44/45 points in IBDP examinations 2024

Malaysian IB School student from Nexus gets accepted into Oxford, scoring 44/45 points in IBDP examinations 2024

Published on 10 Jul 2024

Caption: Conner Han during his IB graduation ceremony at Nexus International School Malaysia

8th July, Putrajaya: 192,867 students worldwide received their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme results from the May 2024 examination session today.

With over 5,800 IB World Schools in 160 countries, the IB programme continues to provide a globally recognized education. In Malaysia, as reported by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), there are 23 IB World Schools, including 17 offering the IBDP, which emphasise critical thinking and intercultural understanding, preparing students for higher education and global citizenship.

One such IB school is Nexus International School Malaysia, consistently ranked amongst the top IB schools in Malaysia with graduates accepted into top universities of their choice in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Notably one such Nexus graduate this year is Conner Han, with an impressive 44 points (out of a maximum of 45 points) and has gained acceptance into the prestigious University of Oxford to study Chemistry. This achievement is remarkable given that the University of Oxford receives over 23,000 applications annually and admits only around 3,300 students.

Conner's acceptance highlights the exceptional quality of education and preparation provided by Nexus International School Malaysia. The school, which is a member of Taylor’s Schools, has achieved an average score of 34.1 which surpassed the 2024 global average score of 30.32. Seven students scored above 40 points, placing them in the top percentile of choice for university admissions. Two students achieved 43 points, and another two, including Conner, achieved 44 points. The school prides itself in helping its students secure scholarships with prestigious universities and to date, has already won more than USD 1.5 million in scholarships for its 2024 cohort.

"I am passionate about resolving environmental challenges through the application of chemistry and
eagerly anticipate the journey ahead," says Han. "The IB programme has been instrumental in shaping me
into a well-rounded individual, equipping me with the skills necessary to tackle real-world problems and
succeed in my future endeavours." Han's dedication to Chemistry is evident through his outstanding achievements, including winning Best in Malaysia and Best in Southeast Asia from the Oxford AQA examination board for his stellar performance in IGCSE Chemistry 2022.

Caption: Han moved from Korea to Malaysia to pursue a high-quality IB education 

Han and his family moved from their home country in Korea to pursue a high-quality IB education which they found in Malaysia. Like Han, many expatriate students have done the same. According to the International School Consultancy (ISC), Malaysia has seen steady growth in its international school sector, driven by an increasing demand from expatriate families and local affluent parents who seek high-quality education for their children.

Malaysia hosts a substantial number of international schools, with a mature market offering various curricula such as the British, American, and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. As of the latest data from the Ministry of Education (MOE), there are over 227 international schools in the country, catering to a diverse student body including a significant number of expatriates from Korea, China, and Japan​. Of late, Chinese students represent a major portion of the international student body in Malaysia, driven by the country's proximity and the availability of high-quality education at a relatively lower cost compared to Western countries.

The growth in international school enrolment reflects Malaysia's efforts to become a regional education hub, attracting not only expatriate families but also local students seeking international education. The removal of the cap on local student enrolment in international schools has further fueled this growth, making Malaysia a popular destination for quality education in Asia​.

About Nexus International School Malaysia

Founded in 2008, Nexus International School Malaysia offers the IB Diploma Programme as a pre-university qualification for senior learners. The school has consistently been a Top Ranking IBDP School and was recognised in the 2021 IBDP examinations as being the Top in Malaysia and 73rd globally.

More information about Nexus - www.nexus.edu.my

More information about Nexus IB Programme - https://www.nexus.edu.my/learning/ib-diploma/what-is-international-baccalaureate-diploma-programme

About the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) 

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19, recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities. Evidence suggests that higher rates of IBDP students go on to university, are more likely to attend a top 20 university and achieve a first-class honours degree. The IB Diploma Programme is made up of six subject groups and the Diploma core, comprising Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay (EE). Through the IB Diploma core, students reflect on the nature of knowledge, complete independent research and undertake a project that often involves community service.

More information about IB Schools - https://www.ibo.org/about-the-ib/facts-and-figures/ 

More information about 2024 IB results - https://ibo.org/news/news-about-the-ib/ib-students-worldwide-receive-their-results/

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