Universal Hua Xia International School - Penang

George Town, Pulau Pinang
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Cambridge IGCSE
Nursery to Year 11
September to July

About Universal Hua Xia International School - Penang

There is a saying ‘attitude is more important than facts’. At Universal Hua Xia, we do not undermine the value of facts but we strongly believe that character development is as important as knowledge. We emphasise and inculcate good values, principles and work ethics while encouraging students to explore and develop their talents, capabilities and potential. We understand and accept that every child is unique and at their own pace, have the capacity to self learn when equipped with the necessary skill.

In this fast changing world, young people are offered endless opportunities, but so too are the challenges. The world is imperfect and marked by conflict, extreme inequality, environmental change and injustice. At Universal Hua Xia, we believe that young people should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and values that are pertinent to embrace both the opportunites and challenges they will undoubtedly face and to create the kind of world they want to live in. We are a small community that embraces diversity of cultures and our team of staff members and teachers are a testament to that belief. We come from varies parts of the world and have different religions and roots. At Universal Hua Xia, we coalesce Western and Eastern cultures, setting the perfect platform for global citizenship as this is never undertaken in isolation but rather through the exploration of people, places, relationships and cultures. Each and every individual at Universal Hua Xia is an entity worthy of respect and are given a place to fully express themselves without prejudice or stigma.

Universal Hua Xia International School (Penang) provides the IGCSE Program which follow the policies set by Cambridge International Exam (CIE) for students.



Universal Hua Xia International School - Penang Fees Structure

RM18,180 - RM24,180

RM18,180 - RM27.180

RM28,680 - RM33,000