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Asia Pacific Schools

Subang Jaya, Selangor
Essential Information
Primary Schools Secondary Schools Preschool/Kindergarten
2006 (APSS), 2012 (APIS), 2014 (APIS Preschool)
IGCSE Cambridge Malaysian British
APIS: Preschool (3+ to 5), Primary (5+ to 11), Secondary (11+ to 16+), APSS: Primary (7 to 12), Secondary (13 to 17)
September to July (APIS), January to November (APSS)
APSS Primary (7.50am – 3.20pm), APSS Secondary (8.00am – 3.40pm), APIS (7.45am – 3.00pm)

About Asia Pacific Schools

Asia Pacific Schools is not just a place to excel in academic studies. It is where your children will develop the wider skills and character necessary to succeed in the modern world. It is where your children feel free to discover themselves and be challenged to be the best they can be. We strive to create an affirming environment where students experience genuine warmth from teachers who believe in them and support them to become conscientious, responsible and capable persons with the life skills to pursue their passions.

At the centre of our approach to education is what we call Amazing Learning. This is when our students realise that they are getting better to a level beyond that which they thought was possible. It leads to real brain change and, when they amaze themselves with their progress enough times, they understand that they have the ability and character to be successful in anything they put their mind to.

With decades of heritage in educational excellence behind us, as well as the introduction of an international evidence-based approach provided by the International Schools Partnership, we can draw on a broad and deep pool of resources in equipping your child with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in our ever-changing globalised world.

Preschool Education

7.45am – 12.00pm

Our Early Years programme follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), which is part of the English National Curriculum. The EYFS is designed to tap into children’s natural curiosity and uses play-based approaches to help them develop personally, socially and emotionally, and become well-rounded, inquisitive learners. Selected CCA i.e. Story Telling, Basic Drawing, Bollywood Dance and ECA i.e. Ballet, EPS Soccer, EPS Swimming. 

Asia Pacific Schools Fees Structure


RM21,300 (APSS Primary 1 = RM16,840)

RM37,500 (APSS Secondary 1= RM18,760)

RM44,820 (APSS Secondary 5 = RM24,620)


RM500 (APSS), RM3,500 (APIS)

RM2,000 for Primary, RM3,000 for Secondary in APSS and for APIS, deposit is equivalent to ONE term’s tuition fee

Prepaid meal RM600, Lab & facilities RM250 – RM400, Field trip RM100, Arts & craft RM50, Exam workshop RM75, Miscellaneous RM30 *subject to change for AY2022-23

Sibling discounts available: 1st sibling 5%, 2nd sibling 10%, 3rd sibling 15%, 4th sibling 20%

Languages Taught

Bahasa Malaysia


Air-conditioned classrooms
Swimming pool
Sports field
IT resource center
Basketball court
Badminton court
Art room
Science laboratory
Music room
Cookery room, Woodwork lab, Speech & Drama room

Extracurricular Activities

Taekwondo, Fencing, Aikido, Minecraft EDU Workshop, Mental Arithmetic, Scratch & Animation Coding, Public Speaking, Creative Clay Art, Dodgeball, Football, Gymnastics, Karate, LEGO Robotics, Science Bridge, Public Speaking, Swimming, Chess

*subject to change by term