Baseerah International School

Gombak, Selangor
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Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools Secondary Schools Pre-University
Cambridge IGCSE A Levels
Arabic and Islamic Civilisation
Preschool to Pre-University (Age 4 to 17)
August - May
From 8 am to 3:20 pm

About Baseerah International School

About Baseerah

The economic growth of Malaysia and its political stability have attracted many Muslims around the world to this country. The International Muslim population in Malaysia has increased tremendously. Parents are looking for good and quality International curriculum education with Islamic values incorporated alongside.

       It is a fact that education for children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all, Muslim children should receive good quality education with Islamic values. The reality is that millions of Muslim children are receiving education without Islamic values. There should be special interventions that target their development. Recognizing the central role of Good Quality education with Islamic values in wider global agendas and acknowledging the need to reach out to the international Muslim children community with the objective to uncover, care & nurture the young innate curiosity and potential to help them achieve well-balanced personality between their internal spiritual life and their external life excellence.

      The School aims at solving the problems hidden by the fact that the International Muslim Children community hardly can find good quality International curriculum education in line with Islamic values. Findings reflect that International School-related costs have been the major obstacle for international Muslim children to access good and quality International Curriculum education to help them achieve the above-mentioned goals.

      With the above in mind, Baseerah International School was initiated by a group of  Muslim educationists, local and International, to contribute to the well-being of the new generation of Muslims. 

      Baseerah International School is registered with the Ministry of Education in early 2011. The school was established mainly to strive for future generations who are creative, effective, morally upright, proud of their cultural identity, and capable of leading the nation in various fields.

      Baseerah International School provides a time-tested academic core while expanding its Cambridge- Islamic- Arabic course offerings to fit its students’ interests, development needs & continued Islamic Identity. Baseerah concentrates on Islamic studies, Arabic & Malay languages beside English language as the main instructional media for teaching science and arts.


Preschool Education

8 am to 3:20 pm

At Baseerah’s Pre-Primary School, we understand and respect that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests. The pre-primary school curriculum has been designed to nurture the following developmental objectives: Language development. At Baseerah, a lot of emphases is laid on teaching English as a second language. Phonics is used to teach English in a structured manner. Arabic Language
Baseerah uses an excellent curriculum written by native Arabic scholars from Egypt “Agharid El-Tofoloah” . This full program prepares the kids to learn Arabic not only as a second language but also as native speakers.

Physical and personal development
In our pre-primary school, physical and personal development are very important aspects; therefore, appropriate activities are carried out for development in the said areas.

Cognitive Development
At our pre-primary school in Shah Alam through activities, observation and interaction, our teaching methods are geared towards developing thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Science & Math
The pre-primary school curriculum has been developed for understanding and exploring the physical world. Concepts like the human body, foods, animals, environment, weather, plants, and sea-life are introduced. Pre-Math emphasises on Math concepts using practical ways.

Social and moral development
Baseerah recognises that the child will grow into a confident adult only if he has a strong sense of self-image. These domains are working in every single day in our school through stories, role-play, group activities, and show & tell activities. Children are encouraged and taught to listen to and respect others’ views and opinions. They are taught to differentiate between good and bad, to be aware of rules and positive discipline. At Baseerah, we work to bring out the best in your children.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology
Children will be familiar with computers and by the end of the pre-primary phase, they will be comfortable with using computers.

Aesthetics and Fine Arts Appreciation
We integrate art in playing, to make it enjoyable for our kids. The Art room is fully equipped with resources like paper, brushes, crayons, colours, etc. A qualified Art teacher teaches the children with various art forms.


Baseerah International School Fees Structure

RM10,800 (Preschool), RM14,800 (Year 1 -3), RM16,800 (Year 4 - 6), RM18,800 (Year 7 - 8), RM19,800 (Year 9 -11)


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Languages Taught



Air-conditioned classrooms
Sports field
Running track
Basketball court
Badminton court
IT resource center
Science laboratory
Art room

Extracurricular Activities

- Martial Arts 9Karate, Judo, Taekwondo) 

- Archery

- Tele-match club

- Futsal Club 

- Robotics Club 

- Debate Club 

- Handcraft 

- Cooking Club