1. A Healthy Day at Beaconhouse Newlands International Early Year School, Bangsar

A Healthy Day at Beaconhouse Newlands International Early Year School, Bangsar

Published on 06 Mar 2024

Earlier this week at Beaconhouse Newlands International Early Year School (BNEY) in Bangsar, the school community witnessed a remarkable event focused on the crucial aspect of parental involvement. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu, a dedicated professional in Family Medicine at Klinik Kesihatan Tanglin, graced the occasion with her invaluable insights for our young learners.

The event highlighted the significance of active parental involvement in shaping the holistic development of our students. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu, a current parent at the school, shared her expertise and knowledge with the students, making the day both educational and enjoyable.

As a healthcare professional, she focuses on three fundamental aspects of a child's well-being: healthy food habits, sleep hygiene, and hand hygiene. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu highlighted the importance of a nutritious diet for growing children. She shared insights on the types of foods that contribute to overall health, energy, and cognitive development. The interactive session allowed students to understand the connection between their food choices and well-being.

She also added the significance of good sleep hygiene for young learners was another crucial aspect covered during the event. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu emphasised the role of proper sleep in supporting cognitive functions, emotional well-being, and overall physical health in children.

In the wake of global health concerns, the session addressed the importance of hand hygiene. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu educated the students on proper handwashing techniques and the significance of maintaining cleanliness to prevent the spread of illnesses.

The day at BNEY Bangsar was filled with eye-opening educational content, allowing parents, students, and educators to come together. Dr Trishant Kaur Sandhu's engaging insights made the event successful, positively impacting young minds as they learned about healthy living practices. As a community, we look forward to more enriching experiences that foster our students' academic and personal growth.

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