Hosting over 350 students each year, the Epsom British Summer School experience is back; with a special 10-Year Anniversary Edition! 


Join us for a 3-week intensive English language summer camp designed for students between the ages of 7 - 17 years old to improve their confidence and proficiency in the English language. 


The camp blends dedicated English classroom sessions covering fundamental speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and a full roster of music, sport, drama, social, and cultural activities in our safe and secure 80-acre campus.


Students will develop their English language skills in a dynamic and immersive learning environment, taught by expert native language teachers and gain confidence in practising their conversational English in everyday situations.


Epsom’s British Summer School sets the foundation for long-term success - enrol your child and put them on the path towards English language fluency!


British Summer School Booklet: Here