1. How to Make the Most Out of the School Holidays

How to Make the Most Out of the School Holidays

Published on 23 Dec 2020
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2020 has no doubt been a challenging year but serves as reminder to all of us to prioritise our health, be grateful for the things we have and to look forward to the year ahead. The month of December also signifies a time of celebration, spending quality time with friends and family, and reflecting on the year that has gone by. 

Here are some ideas to make the most out of the end of year holidays:  

1. Connect with your loved ones 

Although travel restrictions are slowly being lifted around the country, it is important to still be cautious and adhere strictly to SOPs if you decide to socialise. Visit only immediate family members and close friends in a safe environment, in addition to making sure the elderly and children are not at risk. You can also video call relatives in other states and countries. Big family reunions can also be done virtually via Zoom! 

2. Sign up for online programmes and workshops 

Take advantage of the online holiday programmes and workshops organised by international schools, learning centres and preschools! At these programmes and workshops, a number of activities will be planned out to keep your child engaged and teach them new skills. You can find programmes that are geared towards your child’s interests to help them improve existing skills. There are usually holiday programmes aimed at teaching language skills, coding, arts & crafts, performing arts and culinary skills, among others.   

3. Find new hobbies 

The school holidays are the perfect time to explore a new hobby. With the Internet, it is easier than ever before to learn something new through online tutorials on YouTube and other platforms. You can guide your child to use the Internet wisely to find suitable tutorials on learning a new instrument, singing, dancing, cooking, sewing and more. It does not cost money and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. In addition, you can explore nature by going on walks and hikes with your family. Make sure to adhere to the SOPs at public parks and hiking trails! 

4. Prepare a meal as a family  

Cooking is a great bonding activity to do as a family. Get your children involved by asking them to measure out ingredients and help you clean up after. You can also teach them how to use basic kitchen equipment. As the parent, you can do the chopping of ingredients and the actual cooking. The end result is a meal that is a group effort between you and your children. They will also have an appreciation for food and interest in cooking! 

5. Read!  

Reading is a fantastic way of gaining knowledge, expanding vocabulary and improving concentration. You can purchase a few books this holiday season and set a goal with your child to finish reading all of them before the new year. If your child is a toddler, you can read a chapter of a book before they go to bed. Make this a tradition and you may instil a passion for reading in them as well. 

6. Prepare for the new school year

Set aside some time during the school holidays to prepare your child for the new school year. The way children learn has changed drastically this year with the introduction of online learning. Therefore, it is important to ensure your child is caught up with his academic syllabus for a smooth transition to the next education level. You can talk to his teachers or engage private tutors to get your child back on track with his school work. It would also be a good idea to invest in better devices and upgrade your Internet plan if your child’s school is resuming online classes for new school year. 


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