1. An Introduction to Home Education

An Introduction to Home Education

Published on 03 Feb 2015
General Article
Author: Miranda Ward, Wolsey Hall Oxford

Home Education


Under the right circumstances, homeschooling can be an extremely rewarding experience – especially if you want your child to earn the best international qualifications as well as to develop essential life skills such as self-motivation, perseverance, and time management.



Home Education

There are a wide variety of reasons you may want to consider educating your child at home:


  •  You'll be directly involved in your child's education - so you're more aware of the progress your child is making, and can pace learning more accurately to match your child's capabilities
  • You'll have more control over the curriculum and method of teaching
  • Your child can work towards qualifications not necessarily offered at local schools in Malaysia
  • Some children find it easier to learn at home rather than in a hectic school environment
  • Family bonds are often strengthened as you share views, ideas and thoughts
  • You'll spend less time travelling, as all the learning takes place within the home environment. The time gained will allow your child more freedom to pursue other hobbies and interests.

There may also be religious, medical, or behavioural reasons why educating your child at home makes the most sense. The flexibility of homeschooling means that it’s a good fit for many different types of students with many different goals, circumstances, and motivations.



Home Education

Educating your child at home can be extremely rewarding, both for yourself and for your child. But it can also be a daunting prospect - so using an experienced home study provider such as Wolsey Hall Oxford can be a great way of getting extra support without sacrificing the flexibility and benefits of homeschooling. Even the most intrepid home educators may find themselves seeking help at points – a number of parents, for instance, feel comfortable homeschooling until they're faced with external exams, such as for IGCSEs or A Levels. Quality home study providers have extensive experience guiding families through the process of taking exams, and students and families always have someone on hand to turn to, whether it’s the Director of Studies or your child’s Course Manager or Tutor.


Home study providers aim to provide caring support for students throughout their home study courses, and to equip students with the skills necessary not just to gain good exam results but to succeed in school, work, and life.



Home Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a home study college based in Oxford, England. We offer homeschooling courses for children between the ages of 11 and 18, and have been helping students in Malaysia and all over the world gain academic qualifications since 1894.


Our courses lead to Cambridge International GCSE (IGCSE) and A-Level qualifications. We also offer courses for children aged 11-14 to prepare them for IGCSEs. All courses include access to our online learning platform, with links, videos, and resources; support from tutors (with all assignments returned within 5 days); a course Manager to monitor your child's progress; and advice from our Directors of Studies within 24 hours when needed.

The Wolsey Hall system of learning has been developed over many years and combines course textbooks with online learning. Our state-of-the-art learning platform contains a range of resources which complement the course books, and serves as the primary means of communication between student and tutor. We also invite parents to become online observers of their child’s course. This means they're linked to their child’s course via the online system. They have full access to the resources there, and to the feedback their child is getting from his/her tutors.


For more information about the courses and support we offer, and about homeschooling in general, visit our website or email us – or see what other parents in Malaysia and elsewhere have said about home study with Wolsey Hall here.


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