1. List of Private Tutors

List of Private Tutors

Published on 09 Oct 2020
Private Tutors

Kausalya K Indrakaran

Full Name: Kausalya K Indrakaran

E-mail address: kausalya.indrakaran@gmail.com

Phone number: +6012-3886635

Years of teaching experience: 3 years

Qualifications: ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)

Subjects offered: Year 10, Year 11, A Levels Accounting and Year 10, Year 11 Business Studies

Rates: IGCSE - RM100 per hour, A Levels - RM120 per hour

Area coverage (State and/or City): Cheras, Kajang, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur

Tutoring times: Flexible

Online tuition: Available


Victor Tan


I’m passionate about helping students to learn and to find their voice, and I sincerely believe that education is the key to an amazing life, and learning, writing, sharing, and reflecting about oneself are the keys to finding meaning no matter where we go.

I run a personal website, which you can access at www.victor-tan.com, that provides information about education and far more extensive information than I can provide on this website. 

Full Name: Victor Tan

E-mail address: victortanws@gmail.com

Phone number: +6018-2821699

Years of teaching experience: 5 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts of Economics, University of Chicago. JPA Ivy League dan Setara scholarship (RM1.2 million value)

Subjects offered: SAT and College Admissions Consulting. IB, A Level, IGCSE, and SPM - Economics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, 9093 for German universities)

Rates: RM330 hourly (online, via the eConferencing software of your choice), RM330 hourly + transport (subject to availability).

Area coverage (State and/or City): Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Willing to travel (case-by-case basis)

Tutoring times: Contingent on scheduling - Contact +60182821699 to schedule.

Online tuition: Available


Padmaa Venkatason

Students should also be given the chance to be their own mentors, being given the autonomy for self-learning. I do this by stating rules and guidelines without acting as an inspector upon everyone. Because of my concern for learning, I have implemented mastery grading in my teaching. That means I give, to every extent possible, chances for students to redo work that does not show mastery of the material. 

My teaching methods include:

  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity 
  • Emphasise conceptual understanding over the procedure 
  • Provide authentic problems that increase student’s drive to engage with maths
  • Share positive attitude about Maths

It’s a sure A when I teach as I make them love Maths.

Full Name: Padmaa Venkatason

E-mail address: padmaavenkatason@yahoo.com

Phone number: +6012-5058221

Years of teaching experience: 10 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) at University of Malaya, Masters of Science (Mathematics & Statistics) at University of Malaya, Doctorate of Medical Statistics at University of Malaya (awaiting viva)

Subjects offered: Mathematics -  IGCSE, IB, Canadian, Cambridge, British, Australian, Indian, Singaporean, A Levels; Additional Mathematics - IGCSE , IB, Canadian, Cambridge, British, Australian, Indian, Singaporean, A Levels; Statistics - A Levels, Degree, Masters

Rates: RM80 –100 per hour (IGCSE, IB, Canadian, Cambridge, British, Australian, Indian, Singaporean, A Levels); RM100 –150 per hour (Degree and Masters) 

Area coverage (State and/or City): Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, Gombak, Selangor 

Tutoring times: Weekdays (4pm to 9pm)

Online tuition: Available


Tee Song Ci

After spending four years in the engineering industry upon graduation, I decided to make a bold career leap to become a teacher in 2016.  

Fast forward to 2020, I have worked with over 300 students in a couple of international schools for the past four years and have graduated over 110 IGCSE graduates with over 95% scoring C and above & over 40% scoring A and A*. On a part-time basis, I have also helped a few weaker students through one-to-one home tuition. 

I strongly believe that every child is unique and therefore deserves a personalized study plan to fully maximize their potential. With that being said, I always offer one free trial lesson with all my home-tutor students to see if we can align a learning style that suits them. 

Full Name: Tee Song Ci

E-mail address: songci1126@gmail.com 

Phone number: +6016-4103534

Years of teaching experience: Over 4 years

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, First-Class Honours (University of British Columbia, Canada). One of the JPA scholarship recipients in 2017. 

Subjects offered: Mathematics, Year 7 to Year 11, IGCSE Subject Code 0580; Additional Mathematics, Year 10 to Year 11; IGCSE Subject Code 0606 Physics, Year 10 to Year 11, IGCSE Subject Code 0625 

Rates: RM80 per hour

Area coverage (State and/or City): <15km vicinity from Batu Caves, Selangor (e.g. KL City Centre, Kepong/Batu Caves, Mont Kiara, Setapak, Sentul)  

Tutoring times: Monday to Friday (3pm to 9pm) 

Online tuition: Available



Full Name: Kamluen Chan

E-mail address: kamlin@themathscentre.com

Phone number: +6012 3806703

Years of teaching experience: 18 years

Qualifications: ACCA, CPA (Australia) 

Subjects offered: Accounting and Business Studies for IGCSE, A Levels and Pre-universitiy

Rates: RM100 - RM140 per hour (individual). Group rates differ.  

Tutoring times: Flexible

Online tuition: Available


Tan Soon Wei

I have ongoing tutoring experiences for students in various subjects like math, chess, Mandarin and more, and currently have 20+ students ranging from junior secondary to university students. I specialise in the IGCSE and IB syllabus as well as Mathematics. Students from Grade 5 onwards are most welcome. Also, I am a fluent speaker of English, Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Full Name: Tan Soon Wei

E-mail address: soonwei77@gmail.com

Phone number: +852-52136322 (WhatsApp only)

Years of teaching experience: 0.5 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Melbourne

Subjects offered: 

Mathematics - Year 5 to 12 (IGCSE, UEC, IB, A-Levels, AP)

Physics - Year 5 to 12 (IGCSE, UEC, IB, A-Levels)

Chemistry -  Year 5 to 12 (IGCSE, UEC, IB, A-Levels)

English - Year 5 to 9, SPM 1119 & IELTS Preparation

Olympiad Math – Up to Year 9

Programming - Beginner to Intermediate Level (Python, SQL)

Chess – Beginner to Advanced Level

Rates: Depends on year level & subject) RM75-150/hr (1-to-1), RM25-40/hr (Small group)

Area coverage (State and/or City): Online only 

Tutoring times: Flexible (Including morning and night times) 

Online tuition: Available


Purnima Garg

For the past two years, I've been offering private tuition in Business Subjects (IGCSE level) in KL and all my students have passed with flying colours.

Full Name: Purnima Garg

E-mail address: gargpurnima@yahoo.co.in

Phone number: +6014-7346749

Years of teaching experience: 12+ years

Qualifications: Masters in Commerce (postgraduate)

Subjects offered: Business Studies, Accounting, Economics

Rates: RM80 per hour (Home tuition), RM75 (Online)

Area coverage (State and/or City): Kuala Lumpur (Mont'Kiara, Bangsar South, Subang Jaya)

Tutoring times: Flexible (Up to the student) 

Online tuition: Available


Elaine Foster

I am the founder of MY Poetry School which organises workshops, slams, and shows for various audiences, most notably, the annual PCKL youth poetry slam. I am the writer, founder and co-host of Speak Easy, a monthly poetry radio show on BFM and was also the person responsible for designing the Astro Oh My English At School Roadshow, a programme that used poetry and storytelling to improve English to Malaysian children. I hold an MA in Applied Theatre from Goldsmiths University, London. My speciality is using drama and poetry for teaching English and youth development.

Full Name: Elaine Foster

E-mail address: elaine@mypoetryschool.org

Phone number: +6016-357 2610

Years of teaching experience: 10 years

Qualifications: MA Applied Theatre in Educational Contexts

Subjects offered: IGCSE English Literature, Speech and Drama, Creative Writing and Poetry, Book Club for Kids, English Lit and Drama Club for Teens

Rates: RM60/hour

Area coverage (State and/or City): KL and Selangor

Tutoring times: Mondays & Saturdays group classes; Flexible (Up to the student) 

Online tuition: Available

Find out more about My Poetry School here! 


Tan Pheng Chew

I am a practicing lawyer. I enjoy teaching students, that is why I choose to tutor part time. I graduated from Cambridge Law School in 2018. In my free time, I do sports, eg badminton, squash, etc. 


Full Name: Tan Pheng Chew

E-mail address: joseph_pc1995@hotmail.com

Phone number: +6017-901 5311

Years of teaching experience: 2 years

Qualifications: 4A*s in A Levels (Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar); BA, Law, University of Cambridge (2018); CLP (2019) 

Subjects offered: LNAT, CLP, university admissions; A Levels and IGCSE: Economics, Chemistry, Math, Physics

Rates: RM180 hourly (A level and above); RM150 (IGCSE or below)

Area coverage (State and/or City): Selangor (Puchong, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya); KL; online only for other states

Tutoring times: Saturday and Sunday (before 5pm); Weekdays (after 7.30pm)

Online tuition: Available


Tai Kon Yew









I have extensive teaching experience in the classroom, and private tuition, one-to-one and in small groups. Highly specialised and focused in Chemistry as I teach only Chemistry. Probing questions are used to gauge how much you know.

Lessons start with basic concepts illustrated; from what you know to what you don't know. Suitable diagrams and real-life situations to fire your imagination making learning easier, faster and more exciting.

Each student is unique. I believe in developing and building strong foundations before progressing to intermediate and higher stages. My teaching skills and mastery of the syllabus and examination are constantly upgraded by attending EDEXCEL and CIAE Examiners meetings frequently. 


Full Name: Tai Kon Yew

E-mail address: taikonyew17@gmail.com

Phone number: +6012 364 0573

Years of teaching experience: 35 years

Qualifications: B.Sc (Environment)

Subjects offered: Chemistry A Levels (CIE, AQA, EDEXCEL), IB, SACE, Foundation, IGCSE

Rates: RM180 - RM200 hourly (A levels and IB); RM130 - RM170 (Others and IGCSE)

Area coverage (State and/or City): Selangor (Puchong, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya); KL; online only for other states and Southeast Asian countries 

Tutoring times: Monday to Saturday (8.00am to 8.00pm)

Online tuition: Available

Find out more about Tai Kon Yew here.


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