Imagine being able to develop enhanced versions of your own robotics that may change the way we live for the better. And having virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Bixby to assist us in our daily lives. 


As a forward-thinking and socially responsible educator, the Orbix Education Group has taken a quantum leap beyond providing the normal education for Malaysian students. In an interview with Dato Albert Ong, Chairman of the Group, he said “Digital literacy is the new literacy – an essential part of staying competent and relevant in an ultra-competitive world. With this initiative, we are determined to play our part in ensuring that Malaysian students be prepared to fit into the new norms of the future especially as the nation moves towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution“.


Dato Albert had also managed to successfully convince the world renowned IFLYTEK, one of the largest AI -based technology company in China, to partner with the Orbix Group of Malaysia in providing Malaysia’s first ever AI syllabus for students aged 6 to 18 years old. Over 25,000 schools in China are using IFLYTEK’s technology for learning and over 2,000 schools are doing the AI syllabus. “This comprehensive syllabus which is also offered together with the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, strives to furnish young minds with a most 21st century proficiency skills in artificial intelligence and robotics. Students will be exposed to its myriad aspects of information and knowledge covering coding, programming, natural language processing to big data analysis and machine learning. Along with this are lessons in the history and evolution of artificial intelligence, as well as the complex nature of ethics and security” said Dato Albert.

“The entire course will give students a good and sound grounding of AI and help put them in good stead for a future that is increasingly entwined with technology. Being a first-mover on this platform goes very much in tandem with our school’s tagline “Pioneering Innovation in Education”, he added. 


The Group through its subsidiary AI Academy, has already introduced this AI syllabus in all the Orbix schools and that all its students are being taught AI as a subject at all levels with no additional fees to be paid. The students will also be given a certificate at each level upon their completion. AI Academy is already working with some schools in the Klang Valley to offer this syllabus to their students and is open to joint-partnerships with other schools in Malaysia and also in the region. 


Dato Albert also said “we are the first in the country to be teaching a proper Ai & Robotics curriculum in our schools and Malaysia will be the second country in South East Asia after China to do so.

Though we have a long way to go being a technology-driven country, but we have to start somehow”.


The Orbix Education Group currently operates three Orbix International Schools namely in Muar, Batu Pahat and Klang. Its latest flagship campus in Klang, which opened in January this year, also known as the “School of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics “comes complete with the latest state-of-the- art AI lab comprising 30 different robots and more to arrive. 


The Group also owns Senta Academy, a HDRF certified training provider offering programmes on professional and corporate skills, team building and leadership. It also owns and operates the Senta Adventure Camp in Batu Pahat - a new and purpose-built facility offering an ACCT- approved challenge course with more than 40 obstacles plus customised team-building and holiday packages.