Marlborough College Malaysia is incredibly proud to be awarded a place in the top 15 schools in China and South East Asia by Spear’s Schools Index 2021.   MCM is only one of two schools in Malaysia that made the top 15, a truly significant accolade and it is listed in the top 100 schools globally. MCM’s sister school Marlborough College also gained a place in the top 20 schools in the UK and a top 100 global listing too. 


The independent report by Spear’s magazine in association with Carfax Education compiles this annual index. “Schools in this index are renowned for so much more than their academic teaching. They offer a holistic education with opportunities to develop life skills, leadership qualities and build social networks. It lists the very best private schools in the world” writes Spear’s.


“Schools included in this year’s index have excelled during Covid. The strength, resilience and flexibility shown by top global schools in these challenging times has reminded us why picking a school with a strong reputation for its educational delivery is a wise decision”. says Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education at the Carfax Education Group. 


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