Meet Ms Collis, who supports students socially, emotionally and academically as they transition into our GCSE and High School Diploma programmes with study skills and self organisation. Learn more below….

About Ms Collis

Lynsey has worked in International Schools for over 24 years including in East Africa, Thailand, China and now Malaysia. Originally from England, South East Asia is now home to her and her family. She loves to travel, cycle and can indulge in both whilst also teaching a range of secondary subjects including Theory of Knowledge and our new Critical Skills course, Knowledge Perspectives.


Role at Uplands

As Head of Year 10, she coordinates a team of 8 tutors, 2 adults per tutor group of 18-20 students. This is a real privilege as it provides time to work 1:1 with students for individual pastoral support when needed and means the team really gets to know the students. A key aspect of Lynsey’s role is supporting students academically as they transition into our GCSE and High School Diploma programmes by helping them to develop crucial study skills and self-organisation. She has collaborated with the other Heads of Year to develop a cohesive and supportive programme for wellbeing that focuses on the development of the teenage mind and body. In Year 10, this programme has a particular focus on building strategies to manage in the online world and forging and maintaining healthy relationships as teenagers and young adults. 


Wellbeing at Uplands

The wellbeing programme we offer at Uplands is called our ‘Respect’ programme as it is centred around our core values and recognises the significance of our motto, ‘Respect for Self. Respect for Others’. Working with colleagues to develop this programme for our student body is Lynsey’s passion. Wellbeing is a team effort and all our teachers recognise and support the development of the whole child; academic progress, opportunities to be active, nurturing positive relationships with peers, recognising their own strengths and limits, as well being given opportunities to challenge themselves in leadership roles. 


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