Meet Ms Nellan, our passionate Head of Year 12 & 13 who has a crucial role in supporting the wellbeing and academic success of each individual student in our Sixth form and helping them to flourish. Learn more below…..



About Ms Nellan

Catryana is originally from Mauritius. She has worked in Kuala Lumpur, as Head of Mathematics for 2 years before joining Uplands in 2017 as Head of Physics. She holds a BSc in Physics with Mathematics and a Master in Educational Leadership. She also holds a certificate in Careers Counseling and is currently Head of Year 12 and 13 at Uplands. She has taught both Mathematics and Physics at KS3, GCSE, O Levels, A levels, and IB Diploma and has taught in classrooms for more than 15 years.


Role at Uplands

Ms Nellan’s role is to support our senior students in their last 2 years of secondary school. Providing opportunities for each student to become the best version of themselves is her main priority as Head of Year. Another major part of her role is to ensure the academic success of each student whilst taking into account their individual needs and ensuring they have the support they need to reach the next steps on their learning journey no matter the pathway they are embarking on. 



Wellbeing at Uplands

The wellbeing of our Y12s & 13s is a crucial part of her role, providing continuous support is definitely what helps Uplands ensure the success of each of our students. We have a pastoral team as well as a learning support team that work together to ensure we have a common understanding of each student’s strengths and areas for growth. This enables us to help the student work on specific areas so they might be successful in all aspects of our High School program. 


In Year 12 & Year 13, one of our strengths is that the IB Learner Profile Attributes and our Uplands School Values are carefully incorporated into our PSHE Program (Personal Health Social Emotion), allowing our students to appreciate, develop and exhibit the values and skills that help them to develop into successful young adults when they graduate.



Our school motto, “Respect for Self. Respect for Others” is at the centre of our actions and in Year 12 and 13 we encourage our students to self-advocate and learn to prioritise, communicate and most importantly learn to take care of their own wellbeing and not to be afraid to seek support when they are faced with difficulties or uncertainties.


We are proud that our Senior Students graduate from Uplands with a suite of skills that set them up as lifelong learners alongside the values, maturity and confidence they need to be valuable members of society.


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