Meet Ms Langley, our dedicated and caring Head of Year 7 who understands the transition challenges for Primary students and helps students feel as prepared as possible for life as Secondary school students. Learn more below…..



About Ms Langley

Amanda is from Hertfordshire in the UK. Uplands is her first international school posting after having taught GCSE science and A Level Chemistry in North London for two years. She is highly enthusiastic about her subject and aims to instill that passion for science into all her students. She loves giving students the opportunity to watch science in action through as many practical lessons as possible, allowing her students the chance to flourish.



Role at Uplands

As Head of Year 7, Ms Langley’s role is to help students make the transition from primary school to secondary school. She understands that it is an exciting, confusing and challenging time for the incoming year 7s, so she works closely with primary schools and year 6 students to ensure they feel as prepared as possible for life as a secondary school student. She has created a strong transition programme, giving year 6 students opportunities to meet secondary teachers and try out new lessons in specialised rooms. Once students are in year 7, she supports students as they adjust to new schedules, new teachers and new subjects.


Ms Langley’s sharing session with the Year 6 students


Wellbeing at Uplands

Wellbeing is important at Uplands. We have a strong pastoral team who supports year 7 students during their first year in secondary school. Tutor teachers play a pivotal role in guiding our students through social, emotional and educational challenges. Teachers of year 7 are passionate about their subjects and highly responsive to year 7 needs. Our Respect pastoral programme is tailored to meet the needs of our year 7 students as they progress through the year. The school’s motto ‘Respect for Self. Respect for Others’ is at the forefront of our curriculum and interactions and students are encouraged to consider this motto as part of their decision making process. We firmly believe that open and honest communication is the key to success and wellbeing. Therefore, close contact is maintained between parents and tutor teachers, and parents are invited and welcome to contact school any time.



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