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Even the brightest students sometimes find themselves unable to achieve their best in academics due to circumstances beyond their control. To overcome this blockade, you will more likely need help from someone else who’s been through something similar. 

An inspiring and experienced mentor/tutor can guide you through the tough obstacles and assist you in achieving your goals. And where will you be able to find those tutors? Right here at TigerCampus, the top online education platform in Malaysia & Singapore. 


Here are five convincing reasons why you should become a member of TigerCampus.

1. Tutors that specialize in both international and national syllabuses

Not just in Malaysia, but also in Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, and Japan, is the TigerCampus online education platform well-known. Having said that, the platform provides tuition services in both our local and international syllabi.

TigerCampus excels in a variety of secondary school and Pre-U syllabuses, including UPSR, PT3, SPM, and IGCSE, as well as A-Levels, IB, STPM, and others.

Extra: Interested in picking up tech skills? TigerCampus has a coding club ( where you may learn future skills like programming and coding. Minecraft coding, Roblox game creation, and other courses are among the most popular. Isn't that an amazing opportunity?


2. Get the “cream of the crop” of tutors around the world

It's like putting on a glass slipper to choose the appropriate tuition center for you. Not every instructor can help, but when the shoe fits, it might be the difference between a C and an A. 

TigerCampus understands this, and all tutors are subjected to a rigorous verification and evaluation procedure. Tutors are chosen from a select number of persons who have distinguished themselves not just intellectually, but also as role models capable of instructing, motivating, encouraging, and challenging students to go to the next academic level.


3. Extensive Qualifications Are Required to Become a Tutor

TigerCampus tutors must fulfill strict credentials since the platform regards tutors as academic and social role models for students. As a consequence, all tutors have straight A's in high school and Pre-U, as well as a good extracurricular background – that is, academic achievement and involvement in extracurricular activities.

TigerCampus also hires tutors from prestigious local and international universities such as Universiti Malaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia, National University of Singapore, Imperial College London, and Tokyo University.

Despite possessing all of these abilities, potential tutors must pass a rigorous recruiting procedure. All tutors are interviewed and examined, and their credentials and qualifications are verified.


4. Tutors Who Understand Your Needs

You are the focus of attention throughout your study session; not all students learn in the same manner, and no one knows this better than TigerCampus. When you join up, you will receive your own private one-on-one study session with video recordings of each session. 

If necessary, there is also the option of in-person home instruction. You can be certain that you are in excellent hands and have the opportunity to flourish like never before with your own individual tutor and lessons customized just for you.


5. You may go through your lessons whenever you wish.

Furthermore, if you ever need to study a specific topic, all of your online lessons at TigerCampus are recorded and readily available whenever you want. You may easily access any of your previous online lessons with your own premium Zoom account and be certain that they are all ready for you.

Pro Tip: If you are located in Singapore, you’re in luck as we’re also serving Singaporean students! For more info visit us at

With all of this, TigerCampus makes it much easier to learn and improve in academics! Request a tutor today and enjoy a free trial by visiting us at