The essence of learning at ISKL begins with our trust in individual identity. Our education system focuses on a practical, social and emotional skill mindset to encourage students to grow above and beyond academic success. A passionate and supportive community of educators use communication to equip each student with a better understanding of their unique role in an ever evolving and complex world environment.

Today, we invite you to meet our students, parents, faculty, and alumni, known as the Panthers of ISKL. Learn about their passions and inspirations and their views on what our school’s motto – Be All You Are – means to them.

The second edition of our Panthers of ISKL series is on the beauty of friendships, and our community gave anecdotes as they reminisce on memories made as Panthers. The stories shared are a recollection of how camaraderies are built and maintained at ISKL- a simple hello at camp, being part of Peer Helpers to help new students transition into school, cheering on friends during an event, connecting with fellow parents, and spreading happiness all around! 

We invite you to read these tales of friendships. They echo the richness and diversity of what makes ISKL inspirational, inclusive, and empowering.


Paying It Forward

Ruby L.

“Since the first day I joined ISKL in Middle School (MS), I have actively taken the lead as part of the Peer Helpers Leadership Team, as it has always been there by my side. The beauty of the Peer Helpers experience is that you get to be in the center of the positive cycle of empathy and care, which the ISKL community imparts right from the beginning. I try my best to help newcomers transition, just like I did four years ago, with great pleasure and passion, using my prior experience for helping others and paying back the amount of help I received from this community.

“When I first joined ISKL, I was entirely new to an international environment; from the education system to the everyday language I had to use at school, it was a 180-degree change for me! If it were not for the buddy system and the welcoming atmosphere in ISKL, I would not have been able to stand as strong as I do now. Furthermore, thanks to the community celebrating and seeking diversity, I learned to find beauty in myself and grow as a global citizen.”

“Being part of the Peer Helpers Leadership Team, we have to embody the very spirit of empathy and care in ISKL and make sure new students feel a sense of belonging and comfort. I find this particularly attractive because we, as Peer Helpers, are there from the beginning to the end, so in this way, newcomers get to experience extraordinary moments here at ISKL.”

Ruby joined ISKL in Grade 7 and has been part of the Peer Helpers leadership team that helps student newcomers transition to school life.


From School Camp to Lifelong Friends

“I met Raima at the Grade 4 camp at school. She said, “Oh, I don’t have any friends,” and I said, “Hey Raima, do you wanna come to join my group?” She ended up staying with us for the night – we talked a lot and became friends!” - Sara.

“Our friendship is unique because we are different in many ways, yet in some ways, we’re similar. Sara likes dogs, and I like turtles. Sara has siblings, and I don’t, and she speaks languages that I don’t. We also come from different countries. That’s the reason that we’re perfect friends.” - Raima.

And on how online learning blossomed their friendship:

“Online learning has taken our friendship to a whole new level, as we can call each other virtually. During the first MCO, we talked a lot to each other and did work together. That was something not many other students did because they usually worked on their own.” - Sara.

Raima G. (’28) and Sara L. (’28) are Grade 6 students who have become best friends since meeting during Grade 4 camp. 


A Place Where You Can Be Yourself


“I have loved being a parent at ISKL; the vibe and energy of the school are amazing. The first time I sat in the classroom to meet our child/ren’s teachers, I was so impressed that I wished I could turn back time and go to ISKL myself! I blame ISKL for our extended stay, as every time we consider moving or going home, we can’t drag ourselves away from this awesome school.

“I love the inclusive nature of ISKL, where differences are embraced. There doesn’t appear to be any “cool” groups; it merely is “cool” to be you! When I see my child/ren and other students supporting and encouraging each other to be their authentic selves, it fills my heart with joy. I feel that ISKL provides the ideal environment for everyone to be proud of who they are. I also love the end-of-year clap out – nothing like a big ugly cry to start the holidays!”

“ISKL has tied us to Malaysia, as we can’t imagine a better environment for our child/ren. The faculty’s enthusiasm is second to none, the facilities are out of this world, and the friendships we have made along the way are deep, fulfilling, and beautiful. If ever I am having a bad day or feeling homesick, I go to the ISKL campus. Just walking around, feeling the energy, and seeing the smiling faces reminds me that we are giving our child/ren an experience of a lifetime.”

Jane C. is an ISKL parent who is originally from Perth, Western Australia, and this is her family’s first expatriate posting here in Malaysia. 


We are #ISKLproud of the stories shared by our Panthers that reflect the strength in our diversity. Many thanks to Jane C., Ruby L., Raima G., and Sara L. for sharing their anecdotes with us. Our third Panthers of ISKL series on Community is coming up next, so stay tuned!

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