We talk so much about leaving a better planet to our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” - Gerry Burnie

Climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently. While the whole world is debating on how to combat this pressing problem, it gives hope to see our future generation coming together to discuss, spread awareness, and work out practical solutions. 

Green Team, the environmental committee at the Australian International School, Malaysia (AISM), recently welcomed the Australian High Commissioner of Malaysia, His Excellency Dr Justin Lee, for a working lunch to discuss sustainability and climate change initiatives the Green Team will be taking this year.


Dr Lee’s model climate action initiatives can be categorised into creating awareness, raising funds, and implementing practical measures. Following this model, project ideas were shared by students of all ages and discussed. The theme for 2022 finalised during the event was “Students for Sustainability”. Students of Year 11 and Year 12 also participated in a debate on the topic “This house believes that human-induced climate change is the biggest issue in history.” 

Dr Lee shared valuable insights with the students on what practical initiatives can be taken and how everyone can come forward together to find a solution to this plaguing climate problem.


A key idea he shared was that every action we take to protect and nurture our environment is important, no matter how small it might seem to be.

Overall, the His Excellency's visit and the working lunch organised by the Green Team was a roaring success. And the fact that stood out from this glorious accomplishment of the AISM environmental committee was the great leadership, social responsibility, and community consideration that the students of AISM showcased.  

The world needs more such climate warriors who would be willing to take responsibility for the future. AISM shows what real education is about by encouraging such character-building initiatives taken by its students and upholding the values they seek to incorporate in tomorrow's generation. 

Such great social events and community initiatives give us hope that the world will be in good hands and we are leaving better, responsible, and aware global citizens who can bring positive changes through their social leadership.

AISM has always strived to provide holistic education to its students and ensure they strive for not just academic excellence but towards becoming responsible global citizens as well. To find out more about our education system, the Green Team, or the other plethora of extra-curricular activities AISM students participate in, organise, and lead, contact us at https://www.aism.edu.my/