1. Transformative Solar Go-Kart Challenge Empowers Students at HELP International School

Transformative Solar Go-Kart Challenge Empowers Students at HELP International School

Published on 11 Jul 2023

Shah Alam, Selangor, 4 July 2023 - HELP International School hosted the highly anticipated second annual Solar Go-Kart Challenge, a remarkable event showcasing the impressive electric go-karts built by students during their Future-Ready Enrichment lessons over the past 10 months. Led by the visionary Mr. Tom Rothwell, this programme has been a transformative journey, empowering students with invaluable engineering knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly shape their future.

Special guest Mr. Weiron Tan, a former professional go-kart racer, Audi Sport Asia works driver, and the founder of Evolt Karting, graciously provided the venue for the event. Evolt Karting, a cutting-edge facility that opened its doors in January 2023, shares a common vision with HELP International School in creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.  Besides Evolt Karting, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific has also come on board as a partner in the sponsorship of go-karts tyres and maintenance parts. Liqui Moly's support demonstrated their belief in nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of innovation. 

Students, staff & guests proudly gather around four solar go-karts assembled by the students

HELP International School students had the exclusive privilege of gaining a deep insight into the engine of Evolt Karting's electric go-karts, which featured the groundbreaking SODi RSX2 model, the first of its kind in Asia. This remarkable experience took place during Mr. Weiron’s captivating showcase of the inner workings of an electric go-kart. As the students explored and understood the intricacies of this cutting-edge technology, their curiosity and passion for future technologies were further ignited.

Mr. Weiron Tan showcasing the SODi RSX2 electric go-kart, the first of its kind in Asia, captivating students with its innovative design and advanced technology

Since August 2022, the Year 9 students at HELP International School enthusiastically dismantled the first-generation go-karts and, with the guidance of their teachers and industry experts, rebuilt them according to their own vision. This hands-on experience allowed them to learn how to select electrical and mechanical components for the drivetrain, with a primary focus on achieving maximum efficiency.

Mr. Matthew O'Shea, Head of Secondary (Key Stage 3 & 4) at HELP International School, emphasised the school's unwavering belief in the power of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). “The Solar Go-Kart elective perfectly aligns with this philosophy, providing students with a unique opportunity to engage in engineering, problem-solving, and sustainable practices”.

HELP International School’s leadership team & teachers, with Mr Weiron Tan of Evolt Karting, and representative from Liqui Moly as well as parent volunteers

The Solar Go-Kart elective serves as a stepping stone for students to develop future-ready skills and prepare for their careers. By engaging in projects such as this, students gain practical knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly be invaluable as they navigate their chosen paths in the years to come. Together, the school and its students have nurtured a community that values innovation, education, and the pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Weiron expressed his admiration for the students' remarkable work and highlighted the significant role of the Solar Go-Kart elective in promoting sustainability and innovation. “I am glad to see HELP International School is taking the lead in educating the next generation about electric cars and fostering an environmentally conscious approach for a greener future”.

Student showcases self-built go-kart with the support of teachers and parent volunteers, to Mr. Weiron Tan

The success of the Solar Go-Kart elective would not have been possible without the selfless dedication of parent volunteers. Mr. Aguimar Braz, with an electrical engineering background, and Mr. Ram Pillay, an aircraft maintenance technician turned pilot with mechanical expertise, played vital roles in the elective’s success. Their real-life experience working with mechanical and electrical systems provided students with valuable additional learning opportunities.

Ms. Carmen Phang, the proud mother of Annabelle Phen Lee, initially sceptical of this traditionally male-dominated activity, was overwhelmed with pride as her daughter successfully got her kart running. “Annabelle aspires to be an automotive engineer and work at the F1 pit. Her accomplishments on this day were a testament to her dedication and the support provided by the School and its mentors”.

Students take the wheel, test driving their own go-karts with excitement and skill

Student Jayden Tse from Hong Kong expressed his gratitude for the hands-on experience and exposure provided by HELP International School. He highlighted the rarity of such opportunities in his home country and acknowledged the immense satisfaction derived from working in a team and successfully getting the go-kart running. The event had a profound impact on Jayden, further igniting his passion for engineering and automotive pursuits.

The Solar Go-Kart Challenge at HELP International School was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the students, parents and guests. The event showcased the students' growth, ingenuity, and commitment to sustainable practices. With their newfound knowledge, skills, and passion, these students are ready to drive innovation and create a greener world for future generations.

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