Are you considering switching your child from a government school to an international school? 

Many Malaysian parents are making the switch to an international school because of the holistic-style of education, the diverse and internationally-recognised curriculum, the lower student to teacher ratio, and the great exposure to different cultures. However, despite the many benefits to enrolling your child in an international school, the switch can sometimes be challenging and disruptive for both parents and child. 

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (KTJ) provides well-rounded and individualised support for students who are transitioning from a government school to KTJ Primary or Secondary. Our approach to helping students thrive and flourish at our School is led by our ethos of providing a family-like environment with caring and nurturing staff.

Boarding is at the very heart of KTJ. There are 10 Houseparents who have over 85 years of collective experience between them. Boarding at KTJ develops camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging amongst students. Opportunities for bonding and creating new friendships are provided through the variety of activities and events, house sports competitions, arts and cultural events and weekend entertainment programme. 

KTJ provides a holistic approach to student support. English as an Additional Language (EAL) support is offered for students who speak English as a second language, and need additional language support to confidently participate in and out of the classroom. The KTJ Learning Support team also provides a range of strategies and interventions for students with additional needs to enable them to access the curriculum and achieve their highest potential. Learning support is planned collaboratively with key staff across the School in order to achieve the best outcomes. 

At KTJ, we strive to ensure that students' academic and pastoral needs are well taken care of. A dedicated School Counsellor is available to support the mental and emotional welfare of all students. A mentor is assigned to each student to help them develop life-long skills and career aspirations, to monitor the students' academic progress and to work with the student to develop an individual learning plan. A student buddy is also paired with new students to facilitate friendships and to help them navigate their first few weeks on campus. 

To learn more, please join us for a Transitioning to an International School virtual event on Friday 4th March at 8pm (Malaysian time). KTJ's Principal, Dr Glenn Moodie, and Acting Director of Boarding, Gary Slade, will provide further information on the British-style curriculum, the EAL and student support programme, the boarding experience and our wide range of extra-curricular activities.