1. Wesley Methodist School Klang (Private) Emerged Victorious in the National Green Technology Gamification Competition

Wesley Methodist School Klang (Private) Emerged Victorious in the National Green Technology Gamification Competition

Published on 18 Mar 2024

There has been an increased emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development in recent years – green technology has become a global focus.

A national level of green technology online competition was created for students that had attracted participation from numerous schools, with Wesley Methodist School Klang (Private) standing out for its innovative and practical green technology solutions, securing third place in the competition.

Students, through their diligent efforts and creative solutions, have demonstrated their understanding of pressing environmental issues by showcasing their ability to harness technology for positive change. The school is also being recognised for its capability to offer technological education.


Indeed, it is a great piece of news for the students and the school. The game designed by the students not only held persuasive power but also effectively conveyed important educational information about river cleanliness and renewable energy. This innovative achievement reflects the students’ profound understanding of environmental themes and their ability to translate knowledge into practice.

Special thanks to Cikgu Suhada from Wesley Methodist School Klang (Private) for her invaluable guidance and unwavering support provided for the students. Her professional guidance and encouragement had given students motivation to unleash their potential in creating such an educational game.

The school takes pride in its students and guiding teachers – their achievements not only bring honour to the school but also contribute to the promotion and application of green technology. This victory once again proves the significant role of innovation and technology in addressing environmental issues. Let’s continue to support the development of green technology and strive for innovation to create a greener future! The school looks forward to seeing more similar projects, which inspire students to unleash their creativity and bring positive changes to society and the environment. 

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