1. Why Choose an International School ?

Why Choose an International School ?

Published on 12 May 2023
Choosing an International School

According to this research carried out, the number of international schools globally has increased in the past five years. Whether you are a local looking for a school that provides the greatest education for your child or an expatriate who frequently moves for a job, international schools are likely preferred.

Selecting between public, private and international schools poses many questions when deciding what kind of school will be best for your child. Choosing a school for your child is a big step for both parents and child as such decisions pave a path for their future.  

Here are some reasons why to choose an international school:

1. Globalised Learning 

International schools offer great curricula that have been approved by foreign boards including the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge and American among others. these curricula make students moving to another international school seamless without any disturbances to their studies.

Additionally, many international schools offer admission on a rolling basis to ensure that these changes are not frequent and that the children are readily accommodated. This is often a relief to parents who do not have control over where and when they will relocate.

The process of applying got admission to foreign universities is also simplified if you attended an international school. the students are better prepared to advance their studies and compete in any prestigious university due to the frequently updated curriculum and modern teaching techniques. 

2. Diverse Curriculum 

Students benefit from attending international schools because they get the chance to interact and learn from peers and teachers from various backgrounds and cultures. Many friendships and connections created will benefit them greatly as they reach adulthood.

Students exposed to various cultures and personalities are more receptive to new experiences and tolerant of the contrasts that exist in the outside world. They become more flexible in a variety of ways, including picking up new languages and changing occupations. 

3. International Recognition 

An international curriculum does not only provide students with training and credentials that are acknowledged across the globe, but it also enables them to transfer easily from one school to another if their family changes cities or countries again. For instance, the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is offered in approximately 150 countries.

Additionally, depending on the curricula chosen, students can use their certificate to get into many English-speaking countries for their tertiary education such as America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. 

4. Amazing Facilities 

Facilities at an international school are constantly updated with modern technology school furniture, infrastructures and more to ensure that their students have an accessible learning path.  

In comparison to public schools, many international schools use educational technology such as a computer, laptop or tablet in conducting their lessons as it not only exposes the students to technology and prepares them for the future, but also provides a more engaging learning environment.

Apart from in-school facilities, some international schools also offer boarding facilities for students whose families are residing far from the school. These boarding facilities are also accompanied by a planned balanced schedule and activities; ensuring students have a balanced schooling experience.

5. Individual Attention 

In comparison to public schools, international schools have a lower student-to-teacher ratio. Typically, a class has no more than 20 students. This is to guarantee that every student receives adequate one-on-one attention from their teachers. 

This makes it easier for the teachers to assess their strengths and weaknesses, understand their learning needs and curate a teaching plan to improve the student’s understanding in class. Moreover, this extra attention reduces the need for parents to arrange for any additional tutoring.

Students also have more opportunities to be individually challenged to participate in class, and build confidence and interpersonal skills. As students receive more attention, it creates a more fulfilling learning experience and higher quality education.

In summary, there are many reasons why an international school will be a great choice for both parents and children. In addition to exposing them to a more diverse setting, it also paves pathways for their future.

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