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Although, there are many tuition centres and tutors available throughout Malaysia, not many of them can accommodate the changing landscape of online learning and make full use of its tools. 

TigerCampus Malaysia, the premium online education platform for Malaysian students is one of the pioneers in the field of online learning. Their methods of online learning will undoubtedly improve your grades in a short time while accommodating your busy schedule. 

Skip the need for commuting to a tuition centre and don’t waste your time and money learning in a crowded classroom with decreasing attention from your tutor. 

Learn online with personalised guidance from the best tutors in the country at your convenience today! Not convinced yet? Well, here are five reasons why you should consider TigerCampus. 


Five reasons how TigerCampus Malaysia can help you improve your grades

1. Learn from Top Scorers in each exam subject

TigerCampus Malaysia is known for only hiring tutors who have an excellent academic track record and teaching experience. They believe that a tutor has to go through the exams and excel to truly be able to assist students in achieving the same. 

So, learn from those who have succeeded so you can do the same as well. 

As mentioned in the previous article, TigerCampus Malaysia’s hiring process is intensive and strict. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your tutoring will be conducted at the highest quality. 


2. Private 1-on-1 focused learning style

One of the main reasons why parents decide to send their children to tuition is because of the inability of many schools to properly educate each child. It’s usually not the fault of the school as handling a large number of students in one class is always difficult. 

It’s impossible to fully provide each student with a good learning environment as each person learns differently. Research has also demonstrated that 1-on-1, or personalised style of learning can produce better results in school and skill-building. 

Private 1-on-1 tutoring works because the student is given 100% attention to their learning by the tutor. 

As such, TigerCampus tutors are trained on focusing on 1-on-1 teaching to assure you on your time is well-spent. Strengthen your weaknesses and go through tough topics over again with your tutor till you master them here. 


3. A jack-of-all-trades

With many international schools in Malaysia providing a wide range of syllabuses, students in Malaysia are often stretched to find tutors who can accommodate the differences in curriculums. 

TigerCampus Malaysia is also known for being able to accommodate multiple syllabuses from local (UPSR, PT3, SPM, and STPM) to international (IGCSE, A-Levels, O-levels, IB, SAT, SSAT). TigerCampus hires tutors from a wide range of backgrounds to cater to the specific needs of students. 

So, all Malaysian students will be able to have the opportunity to learn from a diverse selection of experts. 

Extra: STEM classes such as coding, programming, video editing, digital arts, and computer science classes are also available via TigerCampus’s partner Sea Coding Club. Take this opportunity and sign up today!


4. Free Trials are provided

Students that are unsure whether TigerCampus can provide what they need can sign up for a free trial lesson anytime. 

Free trials are a great way to figure out if a service can provide what you need. Try it out with no registration fees needed. If the tutor didn’t meet up to your expectations, you can always consult with our service team to find you another one. 


5. Dedicated and responsive customer support

Along your journey in improving your grades, having a good support system is always helpful. Thus, TigerCampus Malaysia and its dedicated customer service will be there to guide you every step of the way. 

Need help with a difficult question, topic, subject, or assignment? Send a screenshot over to them and they’ll provide you with an expert who’ll be ready to help! No stress of needing to wait till the next tutoring session. Get your inquiries solved immediately today. 



With all of this, TigerCampus makes it much easier to learn and improve in academics! Request a tutor today and enjoy a free trial by visiting us at

Pro Tip: If you are located in Singapore, you’re in luck as we’re also serving Singaporean students! For more info visit us at TigerCampus SG & for STEM education at Singapore Coding Club