Almost everyone (yes even children) owns a mobile device be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. On a smartphone or tablet, a user can download various applications from social networking and entertainment to productivity and more. However, with so many applications and features built into each device to help make our lives easier, some may in turn, have negative consequences.

In order to get a better understanding of the subject, let’s first find out what constitutes an application.  Commonly referred to as apps, mobile applications are a type of software specifically designed to operate on small wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Given the prevalence of mobile devices among children, parents need to play a vital role in overseeing the types of applications installed on their children’s devices. A thoughtful selection of beneficial applications can enable a child to make optimal use of his device and in so doing contribute significantly to his overall development.

Here is a list of such applications available on both Android and iOS. A majority of these apps are free with some optional charges for premium features. 


1. Prodigy Math

Math practice is often seen as a struggle but now there are ways of making it a rewarding experience. In  this app math learning is game-based to make the subject more fun and engaging. The game requires a player to answer skill-building math questions in order to advance to the next stage. Users of the app can earn rewards, embark on quests and engage with friends, all while acquiring new skills.



2. Duolingo

Is your child interested in picking up a new language? Or maybe you are?

Download Duolingo and immerse yourself in learning any language available in their extensive library. Learn and practice any language through quick, bite-sized lessons.

Learn to listen to, speak, read and write words, numbers and phrases from other languages. Overall, Duolingo has gained popularity for its innovative approach to language learning, making it accessible to a global audience through its mobile app and website.


3. Grammarly 

Compose excellent essays effortlessly with Grammarly’s writing assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse sentences and look for ways to improve them. It corrects errors in grammar and suggests better ways of expressing ideas through the use of synonyms, for instance, and offers a clearer, more precise and accurate way to construct sentences.

Grammarly is great for students (or anyone) as it helps to check one’s grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you get the premium version of the app, it can even correct your tone, clarity, and conciseness among others. 


4. Quizlet 

Browse and study through flashcards from other learners or create your own with Quizlet.

Need help understanding your homework too? Quizlet provides in-depth explanations on various textbooks alongside practice questions to ensure that the user fully understands the topic or subject.

Test your knowledge on specific subjects anytime and anywhere. 


5. Coursera

Coursera is a platform that offers courses by world-class universities and companies such as IBM, Yale and Google teaching in-demand job skills and awards its users with certificates or an online degree after completion of the modules. Users can choose courses based on their budget and flexibility. Moreover, the certifications offered are recognised by employers.

Coursera is beneficial for students who have the time and budget to learn a new skill or course that can benefit them in the future.





Tired of flipping through a thick dictionary to find the meaning of a word? is an online thesaurus app that helps you to learn English or improve your English vocabulary. The app includes features such as Word of the Day, audio pronunciations, voice search, word puzzles, synonyms and more. is beneficial for students, especially for those studying English not as their first language. This app helps them learn new vocabulary that can be applied to school and everyday settings.


7. Mathway

Mathway stands out as the most intelligent math calculator worldwide that may be used for algebra, graphing, calculus and beyond! Mathway caters to a range of educational levels, from basic arithmetic to advanced college-level mathematics. With this app, users are able to enjoy limitless access to solutions that simplify complex mathematical concepts. This makes it a versatile tool for students at different stages of their academic journey. Try capturing a photo using a phone camera or type out the math question and receive the solution to your question.


8. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an educational platform that offers a game-based learning experience. It allows users, primarily teachers and students, to create and participate in quizzes, surveys, and discussions in a fun and interactive format. The platform is commonly used in classrooms to engage students, assess their knowledge, and reinforce learning through gamification. Kahoot! can be accessed through a web browser or the mobile app, making it a versatile tool for both in-person and remote learning environments.


9.  Mimo

Mimo is a coding app for students who are interested to explore the world of coding. Through the app’s comprehensive lessons, the user will delve into the fundamentals of coding, learning languages such as Python, Javascript and HTML The app not only enables your child to write and execute their own code but also facilitates interaction within a coding community. Besides that, the app also provides features to track users’ progress, allowing them to see how far they’ve come and to identify areas for improvement.


10. Udemy  Online Courses

Learning new skills and topics can spark creativity in a person.

Dive into Udemy’s extensive video library covering various courses such as coding, business, marketing, photography, design, and drawing. Courses are taught by real-world experts in over 65 languages across the globe. Besides that, the platform also has a flexible   approach where students can learn at any time and at any place.

In short, there are various apps which we can use to enhance our lives. Considering how most students are already spending so much time on their mobile devices, parents would do well to recommend these apps to their children to ensure that their time is spent wisely and that they are always learning.

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