Types of Non-Academic Learning Centres in Malaysia

Learning centres in Malaysia mainly offer academic tutoring for specific school subjects to prepare children for major examinations. However, there are non-academic learning centres as well offering various types of learning or enrichment opportunities.  Here, we list some of the non-academic types of learning centres.


Children can also learn a variety of sports from swimming to badminton or tennis. Besides these, children who love horses can take horseback riding lessons.


These centres essentially focus on developing your child’s musical talents with guidance from people who are experts in musical training. Musical instruments taught at learning centres are commonly guitar, piano, and violin to name a few. Some centres even have intensive programmes where your child can learn all the basics of an instrument within the course of a few months. Parents who have limited time to send their children for regular classes may find this option attractive.

Martial Arts

Centres like this teach martial arts like Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Aikido, and Capoeira to name a few. Capoeira has been growing in prominence over the years as it is an unconventional form of martial arts which incorporates dance-like movements. This type of martial arts classes will not only be entertaining for the little ones, but will teach children useful methods of self-protection.

Foreign Languages

Language centres would suit children who have a deep interest in cultures and languages. Learning and speaking more than two languages will benefit your child in future, as more than half of the world population is bilingual. Knowing a new language is only half of the learning process, but being able to remember and enunciate what has been taught is just as important. Language, like many other skills, requires practice to perfect.

Types of Non-Academic Learning Centres in Malaysia

Performing Arts

Children love to express themselves, and are high in energy. These centres either focus on all components of performing arts such as drama and dance, or specialise in one of the two. Performing arts learning centres can help children with issues like stage fright, or bashfulness.


These centres can help your child progress faster in the field of robotics, as your child is surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion for robotics. Generally, these type of learning centres have smaller groups in a class, which will help with your child’s focus when learning something new.


Besides robotics, there are centres that expose children to science through experience and experiments in order to foster a love for science and discovery. Children learn scientific concepts through hands-on activities.


With proper guidance and encouragement from an instructor, children are able to learn how to prepare and cook a variety of food. In addition, they will learn about safety in the kitchen, and how to use various cooking utensils, gadgets and cookware.


Contrary to popular belief, photography requires skill. Not everyone has the eye for photography, but everyone can learn how to gain the eye for photography. Let your child explore photography, and learn more about professional-grade cameras at photography learning centres.

Kids Yoga

Centres that have yoga for children emphasise focus, balance, and strength. They believe it is important for a child to have physical, mental, and emotional balance. For children who easily feel anxious, this could be a suitable option.

Types of Non-Academic Learning Centres in Malaysia


These type of centres either function to improve the use of the English language, or to have special therapy, and programmes for children who suffer from speech difficulties like slurring. On top of that, there are some centres which focuses solely on improving public speaking skills amongst children.

There are many centres offering various types of learning opportunities for children today. While some may require a longer commitment such as learning a musical instrument, others may be shorter. When choosing the type of enrichment activity for your child, remember to consider those that will provide long term benefits.