1. 6 Accreditation Bodies for International Schools

6 Accreditation Bodies for International Schools

Published on 21 Nov 2022
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International schools across the globe strive to get accredited as it is seen as a type of quality assurance, a big achievement and also a badge of honour. Accreditation bodies for international schools are usually government or non-government organisations and exams boards.

They have the task of evaluating schools to see if they meet a certain set of criteria and standards. Being accredited is a goal for many schools as it assures parents that the education their children will receive at the school is of the highest standard. 

Here are some of the organisations that have accredited international schools in Malaysia: 

Council of International Schools (CIS)

1. Council of International Schools (CIS)

CIS is a membership community based in the Netherlands that aims to improve international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. These services include helping schools access new education practices, providing recognition for accomplishments, attracting qualified teachers and connecting students with leading universities. Schools who wish to be accredited by the CIS need to be devoted to its mission and vision for students, focus on quality of teaching and student learning; and constantly seek improvement and expansion, among others. Search for Malaysian international schools that are accredited with the CIS here.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

2. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

The Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) under the WASC is a body tasked with accrediting K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions in California, Hawaii and several territories of the United States. ACS also has the authority to accredit schools in East Asia. The accreditation process under ACS takes six years, which involves schools carrying out a self-study and host a self-study visit. In addition, schools have to come up with a schoolwide action plan and evidence of student achievements and ongoing improvements. 


ASIC School Accreditation

3. ASIC School Accreditation

The ASIC School Accreditation is recognised by the United Kingdom Home Office as a globally recognised standard for schools, colleges, universities and online learning providers. This accreditation aims to paint a realistic picture of an institution’s standard in the areas of quality, resources, student support and ethics. The three stages of the accreditation process are Scrutiny of Application Form and Accompanying Documents, Initial Inspection Visit and Accreditation Inspection Visit. If a school is successful, the accreditation status is awarded to them for the next four years. 

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

4. The Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

COBIS is a premier global association for international British schools outside of the United Kingdom. Schools who are recognised as members of COBIS have access to a number services and resources. COBIS is authorised to provide quality assurance, professional development and network opportunities. This association also organises interschool competitions, conferences and consultancy sessions for their member schools to benefit senior leaders, teachers, support staff and students. Search for Malaysian international schools that are members of COBIS here

International School Quality Mark Accreditation

5. International School Quality Mark Accreditation

The Education Development Trust was founded in 1968 with the intention of helping British teachers working overseas in terms of recruitment, welfare and professional support. Now, the organisation focuses on contributing to English-medium education in developing countries. In addition, they have developed the International Schools Quality Mark Accreditation as an inspection framework for international schools. This accreditation is awarded to schools with high standards of student achievement, effective curriculum, successful leadership team and strong partnerships with parents.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

6. New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) 

The NEASC is a non-profit membership organisation which connects more than 1,500 public, private and international schools in the United States and beyond. It was established to maintain and accredit high standards for all levels of the American curriculum. The NEASC is made up of three commissions which are Independent Schools, International Education and Public Schools. In 2016, the NEASC introduced an innovative accreditation protocol called Ace Learning. Find NEASC accredited international schools in Malaysia here.

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