1. AISM Rocktopus: The Musical

AISM Rocktopus: The Musical

Published on 09 Sep 2022

Ladies and gentle-fish, stingrays and sponges, switch on your radio and turn the volume all the way up. The AISM Junior School production of Rocktopus: The Musical is almost here! 


Take a deep breath and swim down to Shell City, the most important stage in all the reef, where all the little fishies in the sea like to shake, rattle and twist to something they call rock ‘n’ roll.  


The AISM auditorium will open its doors for two shows only on Monday, 12 September at 10am and Tuesday, 13 September at 5pm.


This underwater adventure follows the trials and tribulations of Rocky Occy and the Invertebrates – a band of struggling musicians looking to make it big in Shell City. That is if they can avoid becoming snacks for Old Hammerhead and his gang of sharks. 


So, dive in and come on this journey with us, where the fish are jumpin’ and the corals bright, as over 150 student sea-creatures, including turtles, stingrays, mermaids and of course, sharks jump, jive and gyrate all across the stage in this underwater musical extravaganza. 


If you would like to attend one of the free performances of Rocktopus: The Musical, please contact 03-89495000 or email enquiry@aism.edu.my. Limited seats remain, so be sure to book your free tickets before they are all snapped up.


Can you dig it?



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