1. AISM Student Win Medals in South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC)

AISM Student Win Medals in South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC)

Published on 10 Apr 2018

Recently, twelve Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) students travelled to Singapore to participate in the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC). It was a proud moment as two students came home with Gold and Bronze medals whilst another two successfully qualified to the final championship in Australia. 

The competition which was held for three days, gathers skilled mathematics from junior and senior levels from several schools across the region to compete in a series of mathematical challenges.

Yuin Yie Wong, Year 8, received a Gold medal for the Collaboration component, whereas Mia Tan, also in Year 8, received a Bronze medal for the Creative component. Students Kah Yin Ip and Marion Tan, were also awarded with “golden tickets”, providing an opportunity for them to represent the School in the World Mathematics Championship Melbourne, Australia, this June 2018. The competition will be the ultimate stage for showcasing collaborative learning and creativeness within Mathematics. 

During the competition, students were challenged to a number of challenges. The questions posed were very challenging, used physical and mental strength and participants needed to work collaboratively to find solutions. 

AISM prides itself in offering diverse opportunities for students to excel not just within their existing learning environment, but as far as their passion can take them. The freedom to explore and extend in their chosen fields gives them a sense of achievement as they become global citizens. 

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