1. Are Your Children Ready to Face the Uncertain Future?

Are Your Children Ready to Face the Uncertain Future?

Published on 04 Nov 2020
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Learning has evolved over the years. The methodologies followed even a decade ago are fast becoming obsolete. The idea that every student is different, learns differently, has a different set of goals and has their way of journeying towards those goals, is an increasingly obvious one. With this idea, new learning methodologies are being researched, conceptualised and experimented with. But keeping up with these can make you dizzy. 

Visible Learning takes a different approach. Rather than finding the next big thing in education, Visible Learning looks at every educational strategy ever tested and uses well-established data to decide which ones have the greatest impact. A Visible Learning school therefore doesn't have to test-pilot new schemes, it can ‘cut through the noise’ and concentrate on what works best.  What is this innovative learning system and why should you consider it for your children? Let us find out.


What is Visible Learning?

In simple terms, Visible Learning is all about students taking ownership of their education.

To explain it more clearly, imagine this scenario. A parent asks their child, when they get home from school, "What did you learn today?" More often than not, the answer would be, "We read a book", or "We solved a math problem". 

However, students should not only be able to talk about what they learned they should also know the why. They should be able to communicate what the learning intention was and how much they have learned against the success criteria. Every lesson counts and the specific goal of the lesson should be clear and identifiable.

Answering why and how are crucial aspects of Visible Learning and so is goal setting. Students set achievable and measurable goals for themselves and then create their own path towards achieving them. This helps them to stay focused on what they want to achieve, maintaining a growth mindset, seeing stumbles as further opportunities to grow and improve. The same is true for teachers in a Visible Learning school, as feedback from students informs targeted professional development programs, known as impact cycles, for each teacher


What is an example of Visible Learning?

One of the key aspects encouraged within Visible Learning is fostering students as primary agents of their own learning journey. Suppose you want to reach destination B from point A. Visible Learning is when the students set this destination B and know exactly where they are in their path from point A towards point B and how to cover the remaining journey successfully. 

One way to achieve this is by making two things clear at the start of each class: the intention of the lesson and the achievement of the intention. After each lesson, students must self-assess their attainment against these criteria. Do they think that they reached the success criteria or do they need to take action and create a dialogue, so as to ensure that any holes are filled? 

By doing this, students understand why they are learning something, how much they have understood the lesson and what they need to do to fully comprehend the learning of the lesson.

In simple terms, Visible Learning aims to make students track and chart their own learning journey by empowering them to decide on their destination and work towards reaching it. Students in a Visible Learning school can successfully:

  • Set their own goals
  • Articulate the steps they are taking towards achieving that goal
  • Explain what and how much they are learning
  • Seek feedback for their work
  • Look at their failures as a stepping stone towards learning better
  • Know how to find another way and move ahead when they get stuck

With this, we come to the most important point.


Why should you consider a Visible Learning accredited school?

Visible Learning is now more relevant than ever. The world is changing rapidly and experts believe that most of the future jobs do not even exist yet. So, how do you prepare your children for such an unpredictable future? 

The answer is by helping them be more creative, resilient, communicative and real-world ready. They should be prepared to face any situation and be flexible enough to change their course when required. This can only be done when children understand and practice how to learn, instead of what to learn and utilise their skills and abilities to pave new ways.

Visible Learning achieves this by emphasising on the participation of students in their learning. The students are the drivers of their own education, partnered by their teachers. Teachers too must work together with colleagues to foster collective efficacy as they strive for self-improvement and to help to lead their students through this learning journey. In a Visible Learning school these aspects are prioritised. 


Australian International School Malaysia – World's first accredited Visible Learning school 

The Australian Curriculum is all about creating individuals who are participants in the society, who think and act instead of just following instructions blindly. At AISM, we prepare students to become an important part of society, by developing their entrepreneurial mindset. Visible Learning provides the best vehicle upon which we can attempt to bring this about, as it equips us with proven learning and teaching strategies to follow. 

The combination of Visible Learning and the Australian educational ethos ensures that your child learns to think, to create, to act and to take charge of their own learning. Our teachers support them by celebrating individuality, encouraging participation and appreciating creativity in classrooms and beyond. 

If this is what you want for your children, to make them future-proof and help them not just survive but thrive in an uncertain, unpredictable world, talk to us to know how we can help them get there. Join our Virtual Open Month all through November. You can chat live with our Principal - Mr Liam King as well as Heads of Schools and explore our campus. Slots are limited, so register your interest soon at bit.ly/OMNovA1 to get an opportunity to know about AISM and our unique approach to learning. 

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