Australian International School Malaysia is a highly respected school which has been part of the Malaysian education landscape for  20 years. With a reputation for innovation and collaboration, AISM is now offering boarding for all its students. The first Visible Learning School in the world will now offer premium residential amenities for full boarding and weekday boarding. The weekday boarding experience allows students to return home every Friday to spend their weekends with their families before returning on Monday. 

The school’s off-campus boarding facility is located in Putrajaya where the students will be safely transported to and from school daily. Commencing January 2021, the Boarding House is a home away from home for all AISM learners aged 12 to 18 years old. Safety has always been paramount at AISM and this is a cornerstone of their off-campus boarding house to ensure a safe and secure campus for all our boarders.

Each floor in the Boarding House is home to a resident House Parent who oversees the pastoral and social welfare needs of a boarder. With care and respect as part of the School’s philosophy, the environment is protective and attentive like home and, concurrently, makes boarders self-reliant enough to grow as individuals in their own right. AISM’s caring, supportive boarding environment safeguards the students and allows them to develop and grow with confidence. Students here will live alongside others from many cultures and develop intercultural understanding and openness to others. 

AISM strongly believes that a complete education must include creative, physical, and moral development and the Boarding House serves as a platform for personal growth and discovery. Each day is filled with activities to help a boarder naturally develop life skills such as independence, responsibility, and teamwork as well as social and problem-solving skills. At the same time, boarders will go on to form enduring friendships with like-minded individuals, all in a safe and caring environment. A variety of facilities such as on-site laundry services, recreation area, internet access, and 24-hour security system is offered to make the lives of our boarders more comfortable. At the same time, these amenities encourage boarders to pursue healthy interests beyond schoolwork.

Apart from these, the Boarding House also carries out boarding activities for students and these activities aim to give boarders fun and unique experiences that help develop their life skills; including leadership skills and teamwork. These activities are also designed to give the boarders a broader worldview while enhancing their learning experiences outside the classroom. Unlike residential schools, boarding activities here are very consistent and carefully planned to give boarders a well-balanced experience that encompasses trips to cultural villages, theme parks, museums as well as excursions to charitable organisations and good causes.

With state-of-the-art facilities, an international community, and exceptional learning opportunities, AISM is certainly a school designed to arm your child with skills necessary for their future. The school's academic year begins in January for students from Early Years to Year 12 and in January 2021 they will offer boarding along with the world recognised New South Wales HSC which allows entry to higher learning institutions across the globe. 

For more information on boarding, visit or contact the school at 03-89495000.