1. British Summer School at Epsom College in Malaysia - 12 July to 23 August 2024

British Summer School at Epsom College in Malaysia - 12 July to 23 August 2024

Published on 01 Jul 2024

The Ultimate Adventure: Where Excellence Meets Excitement!

Join us for a 12-day English language summer camp aimed at building confidence and English proficiency in children aged 7 to 17. Our comprehensive programme combines intensive classroom sessions covering speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with a range of extra-curricular activities including music, sports, drama and cultural events, all held on our secure 80-acre campus.

Led by our experienced native language teachers, students take part in a dynamic and immersive learning experience that builds their confidence in everyday English conversation. Pave the way to English fluency and lasting academic success for your child by joining Epsom's British Summer School!

Each Year, 350 Students Embark on a Journey to Discover Their Passions, Strengths & Form Strong Relationships with Epsom College in Malaysia. The camp takes place in a safe & secure 80-acre Campus Designed for Academic Success,  Leadership, and High-Performance Sports. The language is thought by hand-picked Expert English Teachers trained in the British Education System. 

We've also got a fantastic lineup of activities and learning opportunities waiting for you. It's an amazing chance to make new friends, explore new adventures, and create unforgettable memories. Your' spot’s saved, pack your bags and join us in 2024!
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