Our aim is to provide an inspiring learning environment for our students and a good working environment for our staff. As such, we are always on the lookout for ways in which we can improve and develop our 80-acre campus.  

Over the December break, many members of staff worked incredibly hard to complete a number of renovation projects within a short time frame.

One of these projects was to improve the safety of the red track which is used by students and staff for walking, running and cycling. At the roundabout near the entrance to the School, the red track is more clearly defined and a fence has been installed to keep cars and pedestrians separate. The pedestrian crossing has been repainted to make it more obvious to cars entering the campus. Certain roads around campus have also been widened and repaired to improve safety for pedestrians. 

Two classrooms in the Secondary School have been renovated with new flooring, a fresh coat of paint and modern lighting. A temporary wall has been installed between the two classrooms, meaning it can also be used as a single larger space for examinations and academic events. New furniture for these classrooms will be arriving soon! 

The Tunku Najihah Hall (MPH) has been repaired and will reopen ready for the start of term. This space has been fitted with brand new changing room facilities, wall panels and benches for audiences to watch sports matches. 

The Staff Room in the Primary School has been developed with new furniture, a designated meeting room and an improved pantry. Using recycled shipping containers, a dedicated space has also been constructed for our large team of Support Staff who look after the grounds and maintenance of the KTJ campus. 

At the start of Term 1, we were delighted to unveil our newly renovated Sixth Form Centre. Brand new spaces were created, such as meeting and interview rooms, a large common area with a modern feature wall, a small pantry and an impressive outdoor patio area, which has since been used for Friday Enrichment Talks and hosting external speakers. 


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