1. Epsom College Malaysia: Class of 2024 Achieves Global Success

Epsom College Malaysia: Class of 2024 Achieves Global Success

Published on 02 May 2024
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In the serene landscape of Malaysia, the halls of Epsom College are bustling with the triumphant spirits of the Class of 2024. This year's A-level graduates have not only showcased their academic prowess but have also secured prestigious offers from renowned universities around the globe, setting the stage for promising futures in diverse fields.

Among the successful candidates, some have earned the opportunity to pursue Economics at Stanford University, a feat that reflects both the comprehensive preparation provided by Epsom College and the individual dedication of its students. Similarly, another promising graduate is poised to embark on a journey into the Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, reinforcing the global reach of Epsom's educational influence.

The Class of 2024 also boasts offers from a variety of other esteemed institutions. One graduate is set to study Medicine at Queen’s University of Belfast, contributing to the tradition of Epsom alumni making significant strides in healthcare. Another student will delve into Engineering at University College London, further solidifying Epsom College’s reputation for producing versatile, globally competent graduates. For those with a passion for the arts, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has extended an invitation, underscoring the breadth of disciplines Epsom's graduates can access.

Epsom College Malaysia takes immense pride in its graduates and their myriad achievements, each one a testament to the dedication and expertise of both the students and their educators. The accomplishments of the Class of 2024 illuminate not only their individual paths but also the supportive and comprehensive educational environment that Epsom provides.

As these graduates prepare to take the next steps in their journeys, we extend our warmest congratulations and anticipate their future successes with eager anticipation. The world is vast and full of opportunities, and Epsom’s Class of 2024 is ready to seize them.


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