1. Get to Know Greg Parry, CEO of GSE and Education Advisor for Kingsgate International School

Get to Know Greg Parry, CEO of GSE and Education Advisor for Kingsgate International School

Published on 05 May 2017
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Greg Parry

Greg Parry is the Co-founder and CEO of Global Services in Education (GSE). He is also the lead education advisor for Kingsgate International School. GSE is managing and operating Kingsgate International School

Greg Parry is highly regarded for his expertise in education leadership. Prior to launching an education company with wife Shanna, his experience included high-level positions with K-12 and vocational institutions throughout Australia, the Middle East, The United States, India and China.

Recipient of the prestigious Queensland (Australia) Minister’s Award for Excellence in School Leadership in 2007, Greg was recognized for outstanding achievement in several areas including Regional Showcase “Community and Industry Partnerships” and “Education Technology Innovation” Awards.

In addition to being an author and dynamic lecturer, Greg has trained teachers and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these disciplines.

Asked why he moved from Principal to CEO:

We had seen first hand, schools focused on making profit and not focused on quality education. We are educators and we know what is required to lead and operate great schools. We know how to train, coach and mentor teachers and Principals. Business people started to approach us for assistance so we launched our company with a very clear position. Our name only goes on a school if we can run it as a school, focussed on student achievement and meeting the needs of families."

GSE has led curriculum design and administration of all major curricula including Australian K-12, US Diploma, International Baccalaureate, UK IGCSE and A Levels. As a company and individually Greg and Shanna have set up, managed and improved nearly 20 schools world-wide, trained teachers and led projects in 12 countries.

GSE has been recognised with several international awards including:

  • Best Global Brand in International Education 2015 and 2016.
  • Asia Pacific Award for Corporate and Social Responsibility, 2015.

Greg has also  become very well known for his expertise in school design, related to education projects he has led for GSE as well as advisory work for others. He is a regular key note speaker at design conferences and has worked with some of the worlds finest Architects including Perkins + Will.

If you want to understand Greg and his vision for education it is often best demonstrated as you observe and listen to his conversations with parents. Passionate, animated and sincere, he speaks about his own children and their priority in his life. He speaks about his wife Shanna and her incredible talents as a coach and mentor of teachers. He speaks about what a classroom looks like in a great school and what he expects of teachers and Principals under his supervision.

If a school cares about children they have an open door. Parents are connected to the teachers and school leadership and they understand how and why their children are learning, not just what they are learning.

Critical Thinking, Play-based Learning, High Yield Strategies for Accelerated Learning, Neuro-science are all made simple when he explains these ideas to parents in such a down to earth manner and in ways that they can see why their children excel at some things but are challenged with others.

Kingsgate International School is proud to have Greg as our Co-founder and leader. Come and meet him in person, grab a coffee and understand why Kingsgate International School is a little bit different to most schools in Malaysia.

“A School Managed and Operated by Educators”


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