1. IB Education at IGB International School (IGBIS) Propels Clarissa Teh to Cambridge University

IB Education at IGB International School (IGBIS) Propels Clarissa Teh to Cambridge University

Published on 07 Jun 2023

Our alumna, class of 2020, Clarissa Teh, who scored full points of 45 in her International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a pre-university programme offered by IGB International School, is now making waves in her academic pursuits as she advances towards her Master’s in Engineering specialising in Manufacturing Engineering at the prestigious University of Cambridge. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) played a significant role in shaping her success and equipping her with the necessary skills for thriving in a competitive academic environment.

IGBIS was pleased to reach out to Clarissa Teh with some questions hoping to motivate our students and community at large to dream and act beyond conventional limitations, unlocking their full potential and igniting a passion for lifelong learning and personal development.


How has International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in IGBIS helped you to be accepted into Cambridge University?

According to the research by the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) published in 2016, it was found that IB students have a 57% greater likelihood of attending one of the top 20 UK universities than students who study A-Levels. IB students also have a larger probability of achieving both a first and second-class degree compared to their A-Level peers with, 23% of IB students achieving a first-class degree compared to 19% of A-Level students. Besides, according to a study in 2013, 72% of students taking the DP in China attend one of the world’s top 500 universities.


“Firstly, the teachers at IGBIS supported me throughout my application process through mock interview sessions, feedback for my personal statement and consultation sessions with the counsellor. 

Secondly, IGBIS provided me with various academic and extra-curricular opportunities that broadened my experiences and helped me when writing my personal statements, such as representing IGBIS in various sports teams, being part of the Student Council Executive Committee and the 24 Hour Race Committee, and participating in competitions such as the Fermat Math Contest and an Oxbridge Engineering Competition held in KTJ. These experiences were part of my *CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirements that the IBDP emphasises but A-Levels does not.”


*The CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) is an integral part of the DP, where students engage in diverse activities alongside academics. It fosters personal growth through experiential learning, encompassing creativity, physical exertion, and voluntary service. CAS projects showcase initiative, perseverance, and vital skills. Overall, CAS provides a holistic educational experience within the DP, balancing academic pressures with personal development. 


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