1. IDRISSI International School Sets New Benchmark for Online Learning

IDRISSI International School Sets New Benchmark for Online Learning

Published on 06 Jan 2021

Never before have we seen the entire world shift to remote learning. IDRISSI International School, known for its homely, lively learning environment managed to encapsulate those very essences online despite the pandemic.

“When school gets interrupted, our learning gets reconstructed,” said Julie Wong, the Principal of IDRISSI International School.

To not dampen students’ excitement and love of learning, teachersarmed with their future-proof skills and knowledge have quickly risen to challenges by inventing projects such as escape room for language day, virtual explorace for family day, video projects and more.

“Congratulations, IDRISSI School. Well-prepared as always,” said Sheila Samsudin, one of the parents.

As the school received positive feedback about the programme, the Principal added, “When students and parents said they are happy and satisfied with the effort we put in, it truly felt like a pat on the back especially knowing that with the very least choice that we have in the current situation, students and parents can make the best out of it.”

The dramatic shift however did not stop students and teachers to actively contribute to research and participate in competitions organized by various organizations. Killing two birds with one stone, they also managed to place themselves on top.

As the COVID-19 has affected mental and physical health, IDRISSI also initiated a motivation project to help students cope with the situation by listening to their concerns and answering their doubts about life and any trivial matters.


“Our educators and counselors have been working hand-in-hand for this initiative, putting their heart and soul to understand the concern with hope that we can help our students to have a go-to presence and also to keep their life and learning experience at home on a proper pedestal”, she said.

Rather than be beset by what lies ahead in 2021, IDRISSI is immensely enthusiastic about the programmes they have in store for the students and public. Being in the industry since five years ago, they have proven to be capable of standing the test of time.

Looking at the conditions and their immunity to current challenges, IDRISSI has made international school the most preferred choice when it comes to readiness, pandemic or not.

To know more about IDRISSI International School, please visit www.idrissischool.edu.my.

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